Award winning Interior Design

Need help designing your home so that you and your family can experience more wellbeing and joy in the home?


Are you planning to redecorate or refurbish your home or maybe renovate the bathroom? Are you building a new home and need some help with the design, colour and lighting scheme? Do you just need some inspiration and help to give your home the final touch?

Award winning interior designer, passionate about interior design offers customised Interior Design Services and Interior Design Coaching in Basel and Zurich as well as throughout Switzerland.

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interior design coaching

Interior Design Coaching

You will receive a professional opinion about your current space, input with ideas for improvements, as well as how to get started on your project. You can also book colour consultations, personal shopping for the home and customised interior design services.

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Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by choices or stuck for ideas? Have you ever wondered where to get inspiration from and how to channel your ideas? These questions and more are being addressed during my interior design workshops.


In this section you will find Global Inspirations Design’s projects, such as the design and sourcing for an entire villa in the Caribbean, a living room design in Basel and bathroom and kitchen conversions in London.