Vegan Interior Design Consulting

The first certified vegan founded interior design consultancy, creating sophisticated interiors with [com]passion

What if your home could be a true reflection of who you are, so that every time you walk through the door it puts a smile on your face? Global Inspirations Design is an award-winning boutique interior design consultancy based in Zurich, Switzerland. Founder and interior designer Simone Aïda Baur has a reputation for creating unique spaces that reflect her clients’ personality, culture, and life journey. Her Interior Design Consulting services provide homeowners, expats and international clients a seamless experience and helps turn their dreams into reality.

Caribbean penthouse interior

Her ability to create that ‘Sense of Home’ in private residences and vacation homes worldwide, especially throughout Switzerland and the Caribbean, is a direct result of her own life experience of living as an expat across the globe.

This deep intercultural understanding helps her capture her clients’ essence and translate it into beautiful and functional living spaces.

International Interior Designer Simone is also known for creating inviting contemporary homes and bespoke interiors using custom-designed solutions that combine practicality with comfort, luxury and wellbeing.

Moreover, since becoming a vegan, Simone’s mission is to create sophisticated interiors without the use of any animal-derived materials. As a vegan interior designer she’s committed to finding ethical and sustainable materials that not only look and feel great, but also create a healthy home environment for her clients.

Her approach to interior design consulting is about creating a fun and outcome-driven design journey. Thanks to her background in the luxury hospitality industry, she’s very dedicated to providing a smooth customer experience. Simone is highly recommended amongst expats and has worked with clients from more than 20 different countries. She works with a limited number of full service interior design clients each year to ensure they receive the attention they deserve. For smaller projects she also offers Interior Design Consultations and Designer for a Day.

Are you ready to transform your space?

“We’ve been nothing short of blown away by the way Simone took the time to get to know us as a family, what brings us joy, what we like, what we don’t like and really took the time to design a space that would make us happy and at home.”

Fam. Pressner, Switzerland

“Simone has great communication, listening, and organizational skills, which kept us on time and on budget. To summarise in one sentence, Simone was able to translate my personality into a beautiful and functional living space.”

Dr. P. Rege, Switzerland

“We feel extremely comfortable in our living room now and enjoy spending time here, which wasn’t the case before. My expectations have been exceeded. I never thought it possible to create something like this in our living room.”

D. & S. Bucheli, Switzerland

“Simone is tireless, she leaves no rock unturned, she has connections all over the world and she is extremely creative in her ideas and in our home brought in a number of very personalized touches that are quite meaningful for us.”

Fam. Pressner, Switzerland

“Simone is an excellent Interior Designer who is very meticulous, creative and produces a superior product. She invested a lot of time into providing good customer service and communicating with me to ensure I received best results.”

D. Mactavious, British Virgin Islands

“Transform your space. Transform your life.”

Meet The Designer

Primarily based in Switzerland, Interior Designer Simone Aïda Baur spends several months a year in the Caribbean. She’s familiar with working internationally and also provides Interior Design Consulting services remotely. 

Years of international experience working in luxury properties and boutique hotels have taught Simone about impeccable customer service and about how interior design can create a sense of wellbeing in a space. It continues to inspire her to create truly global, distinctive, and curated interiors with personality that support her client’s lifestyle and deliver the ‘wow factor’ without ever compromising on practicality.

Thanks to her extensive knowledge, eclectic taste, her unwavering passion and unmatched attention to details, Simone brings a wide range of interior design styles to the table. Her signature style can be described as sophisticated, timeless, and contemporary, but thanks to her keen designer’s eye, she has a unique ability to tailor and personalise a space to her clients’ taste and always delivers an element of surprise. Well-known and universally praised for her creative, (com)passionate, and committed approach, Simone goes the extra mile for her clients, even when that means chasing that elusive piece of furniture to apply the perfect finishing touch to their interior design project. 

She relies on a wide network of suppliers and collaborators in the world of interior design allowing her to coordinate talent and resources and sources ethical and sustainable materials that ensure your interiors are designed with the ideal balance of harmony and contrast. She understands that no matter who you are, where you come from, or where you live, your home, much like your holiday home, should be your happy place, a place that gives you a true sense of belonging.  

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