Designing tailored spaces with a global aesthetic that create a sense of home

Award Winning Interior Design

Your home is your sanctuary and has a huge impact on your health and wellbeing. Global Inspirations Design will partner with you to help you create the home or vacation retreat you have always dreamed of.

Simone Aïda Baur, interior designer, design consultant and owner of Global Inspirations Design has specialised in designing tailored and highly personalises spaces that reflect your personality or as one of her clients recently put it “Simone leaves no rock unturned“. By getting to know you, your lifestyle and your preferences in great detail, she not only helps you avoid wasting time and money on features and items that won’t work, but also creates a cohesive space bringing together  aesthetics and function. She will relieve you of the stress and overwhelm that comes with managing a design project and keep you from spending hours on making design decisions that you are not comfortable with.

Interior Design services range from half day to full day interior design packages, such as Interior Design Coaching to fully customised Full Service Interior Design for new builds and renovations including bathroom and kitchen design. All collaborations start with a complimentary 30-minute Interior Design Assessment call.


Getting started is the hardest part of a project!

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Interior Design Coaching

You will receive a professional opinion about your current space, input with ideas for improvements with regards to colours, materials, lighting and space planning as well as how to get started on your home improvement project. I also offer Personal Shopping for the Home, helping you select the most suitable furniture, soft furnishing and accessories so you can create a home you look forward coming home to.

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Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by choices or stuck for ideas? Have you ever wondered where to get inspiration from and how to channel your ideas? Download the free Ebook ‘How to identify the ideal colours & style for your home’ and get clear on the style and colours that suit you and your home. In this ebook you will learn how to create your own mood board, so that you feel confident and inspired to get started on your project.

Interior Design Projects

In this section you will find Global Inspirations Design’s interior design projects, such as the design and sourcing for an entire villa in the British Virgin Islands, living room and bathroom designs in Switzerland as well as bathroom and kitchen conversions in London. Get inspired and get in touch!