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Simone Aïda Baur is an award winning interior designer and the founder of Global Inspirations Design a full service interior design studio. Simone, who speaks six languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese), has specialised in creating tailored spaces with a global aesthetic that express her clients’ personality and tell their stories.

With nearly 10 years experience working in design, combined with her past career in the international luxury hospitality industry, she works with successful professionals, business owners and doctors, mostly expats living in Switzerland, who share her passion for design, travel and other cultures. As she puts it: “Having lived on 3 continents and in 7 countries, I truly understand the power of having a beautiful home that gives you that sense of ‘home‘.” She really takes the time to get to know her clients, because she believes that our homes have a huge impact on our health and wellbeing. This is why Simone has made it her mission to change lives, one room at a time.

At the same time, she also creates beautiful vacation homes in the Caribbean, combining her experience of living in the islands, her background in the luxury hospitality industry and her passion for island interiors. She has worked on interior design projects across Switzerland, in Basel, Zurich, Geneva as well as London, Milan, the British Virgin Islands and Saint Martin. 



“Simone has a friendly, outgoing attitude that she easily maintains while remaining solution focused. She has great communication, listening, and organizational skills, which kept us on time and on budget. To summarise in one sentence, Simone was able to translate my personality into a beautiful and functional living space and I’m in love with the blue wall and the New York skyline. I can’t stop looking at it.”

Dr. P. Rege, Basel, Switzerland



Simone has developed her own unique and well-traveled style, which she refers to as ‘Modern Contemporary with a Touch of Nostalgia’, maintaining an overall contemporary and sophisticated look with the addition of an element of surprise. Her global inspirations transpire into her work and she’s been nicknamed the ‘Queen of Turquoise’ for her love of the colour reminiscent of the Caribbean Sea. Simone loves adding a pop of colour, using exquisite materials and is obsessed with texture. In her opinion interior design is all about striking a balance between harmony and contrast.

At the same time, Simone always puts her clients’ needs and lifestyle first and has a gift for incorporating their treasures and meaningful memorabilia into her design concepts. Thanks to her extensive travels and attendance at international trade fairs, such as Milan Design Week, Decorex, Maisons et Objets to name a few, she works with a global network of suppliers, manufacturers and artisans and has access to some of the most unique finds from across the globe at her fingertips. This helps her curate some one-of-a-kind pieces for her clients that are sure to impress.

Her work and her global style have been featured online and in print publications in Switzerland and the Caribbean and she’s been a regular guest speaker on an English speaking radio show in Basel sharing her passion and expertise with the expat community in Switzerland.

Simone has a great eye for detail and is involved in every aspect of the design process, saving her clients a tremendous amount of time and headaches, whilst creating a home, chalet or tropical vacation retreat for them in a way they never even thought possible. Simone says: “I just love to see the way my client’s eyes light up, when they see their dream home or home away from home come to life.”



“When we sit in these rooms in our home, every single item that we’re surrounded with sparks joy
and we are very grateful for the way Simone brought that joy into our home and our daily living.
If you are thinking of hiring Simone, my recommendation would be to
ask yourself if you want more joy in your life.”

D. and K. Pressner, Expat family in Switzerland


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