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Simone Aïda Baur is an award winning interior designer, blogger and founder of Global Inspirations Design. «I describe my style as ‘Modern Contemporary with a Touch of Nostalgia’. I work on a contemporary basis, but like to add an element of surprise. I love mixing styles, adding colours and texture as well as playing with materials, shapes and forms, creating contrast, whilst maintaining balance.»

The most important part of any project is the client! I capture people’s personality and their story and translate it into the design of their home. So before I get started, I like to get a clear understanding of the clients’ needs and requirements, likes and dislikes as well as lifestyle. This will help me create a personalised space that suits the clients’ personality and essentially gives them a home they look forward coming home to.

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Global Inspirations Design is not just a name, it is meant to tell a story – my story. Growing up in an artistic family, creativity has always been part of my life. Despite my early desire to decorate and design homes (I regularly used to change the layout and décor of my own room), I also had the desire to travel and explore the world from a young age. This is how I ended up in the hotel industry, having studied Tourism Management as my first career. For many years I pursued a career in the luxury hotel sector, mostly in business development. During my many travels, I had the opportunity to stay at numerous luxury, boutique and design hotels and soon realized that I didn’t just want to enjoy beautiful spaces, but actually create them. So I decided to venture into the unknown and signed up for a Distance Learning Diploma Course in Interior Design with the world-renowned London based KLC School of Design. During my studies I had the opportunity to implement my new skills on projects around the world, such as in London, Basel and the Caribbean.

Inspiration is all around us as long as you keep your eyes and mind open: Having lived in 7 countries on 3 continents and travelled the world, I got an abundance of inspiration to last me a lifetime. This inspiration may derive from plunging into the Caribbean sea, hiking through the Amazonian rainforest, strolling through a Moroccon souk or exploring a Roman ruin, though it may also be a client’s treasured piece of art that will ignite my creativity. The source of inspiration is infinite and I usually get my best ideas whilst doing yoga, jogging or simply relaxing. Of course I also actively seek inspiration at design shows and learning about new trends and materials.

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