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More than five years ago I embarked on this journey of writing my own blog. What started out as a marketing tool, has now become a vital part of my business and more so, an integral part of me. There is something truly special about writing down your thoughts, insights, inspirations, ideas and dreams and then put them out there for anyone to see…

My blog has taken me on many an adventure and has allowed me to see and experience places and spaces I could otherwise only dream of. At the same time, I have also made some wonderful connections through my blog. Some followers have turned into friends, others into business associates. I still remember how I felt before hitting the ‘publish’ button for the first time. There was a mixture of anxiety and doubt on one hand and positive anticipation and excitement on the other. Something inside of me was telling me that it was the beginning of something bigger. Even though I had no idea as to what that could be, I trusted my instincts and hit ‘publish’. The rest is history, as they say.

When you look at my blog you will notice a variety of categories. Design Exhibitions, Design Inspiration and History of Styles to name a few. However, over the years the category Hotel Design has become my favourite and also the most popular one. My readers love it because they get to discover fabulous and unique hotels and I love it because I get to experience them. At the same time, hotels continue to inspire me as they always have. Having worked in the (luxury) hotel industry for nearly 15 years, I have a very special kind of appreciation for hotels. Even though I have travelled extensively and stayed at hundreds of hotels over the years, I still get excited when walking into a hotel for the first time.

Travel has always been an important part of my life. From a very young age I felt the urge to explore and discover the world. This is how I ended up studying Tourism Management as my first career, working in the hotel industry and moving from country to country. It is somewhat ironic how the design of hotels inspired me to become an interior designer and now that I run my own interior design business, they inspire me to write my blog.

Hotel and restaurant design is different from any other design, because it needs to fulfil a range of aesthetic and functional criteria. However, at the same time it allows for endless creativity. Actually, it is my dream to design a small hotel one day, but until that time, I shall continue to enjoy them and write about them…

So, if you like reading my posts and hotel reviews, I would really appreciate if you could show your love and vote for me 😉

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Thank you for your continuous support and I look forward to keep inspiring you!

Simone xx

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