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Awarding winning interior designer and blogger and founder of Global Inspirations Design offers interior design services for new builds and renovations, as well as interior design coaching and workshops.

Milan Design Week 2018 – colours, jungle fever and more

Colours, lots of colours and jungle were the dominant themes of this year’s Milan Design Week! For a design addict like me Milan Design Week is the most anticipated design event of the year and it never disappoints. However, this year’s buzz was almost intoxicating and as if high on adrenaline made me walk a whopping 57 km in 6 days!

Speaking of 57, this year was actually the 57th edition of the “Salone del Mobile”. The fair has continuously grown in size, importance and numbers and experienced a record breaking year this year with nearly […]

At home at The Capra Saas-Fee

As I walked into the Capra Saas-Fee I felt a strange sense of familiarity and was overcome by a feeling of relaxation, thanks to the soothing design and the warm welcome. The hotel manager greeted me, took my coat and led me to the lounge, where I was offered a welcome beverage of my choice. Much like in interior design, the devil’s in the details when it comes to (luxury) hospitality. With my background in the luxury hotel industry as my first career, I have come to appreciate the difference between plain luxury and genuine luxury. I found […]

Home Detox: more than a spring-clean

“Spring is in the air” – or at least it was when I started writing this post… With the official change of season in March, people living in the Northern Hemisphere are eagerly awaiting spring. Personally, I’ve been ready for spring since the day after Christmas, but that’s another story. There’s something truly special about spring, a feeling I have only come to appreciate since I returned to Switzerland after living in sunnier and warmer parts of the world for many years. The word in itself conjures up a rush of excitement and a sense of anticipation, […]

Mood board: the right style for your home

As an interior designer and particularly because I offer Interior Design Coaching sessions, I get to see dozens of homes – apartments and houses – every year! My clients contact me because they either don’t know where to begin or they get stuck along the way when designing their home. As different as these people and their homes may be, they have one thing in common: they lack a concept!

Recently I was approached by the real estate firm Remax Switzerland and was asked to share my knowledge of interior design on their brand new […]

Hotel Nomad: a hip place for 21st century nomads

Today we live in a society, where terms such as ‘digital nomad’ or ‘Citizen of the World’ are commonplace. If you fall into one of these categories or consider yourself someone with a global mindset, then the Nomad is just the place for you. It’s a place where hip and trendy is more than just a style, but also a way of life.

Travel is an integral part of human history. The early Homo Sapiens, our ancestors, lived a nomadic lifestyle until they invented agriculture. This new form of life and the invention of the wheel and the […]

How to avoid costly mistakes when building a home

Having lived on 3 continents and in 7 countries, I am lucky to call many places ‘home’. The Caribbean, however, is by far my favourite place on earth.  There is something very unique about these small islands. There is that sensation of ‘home’ the moment I step off the plane. When I feel the sunshine on my face and a warm breeze on my skin, surrounded by turquoise waters with swaying palm trees and this unique vibe of relaxed busyness that I only experience in the Caribbean, I find it hard not to smile…

It’s hard to […]

Les Trois Rois Basel: steeped in history

Basel, the city on the Rhine river, where the countries Switzerland, France and Germany meet, is not only home to many pharmaceutical headquarters, but has also become known for its many cultural and architectural highlights. During «Baselworld» and «Art Basel» the city turns into an international mecca of watches and jewellery and art respectively. Basel has a long standing history as a trading city, which dates back to the Middle Ages and is reason for the many historic guild houses. The Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois, referred to as «s’Dreikönig» by the locals, enjoys a prominent location right on the edge of […]

Penha Longa Resort: history, nature and luxury

At the end of my holidays in Portugal I had the pleasure of spending a couple of days at the fabulous Penha Longa Resort in Sintra. Penha Longa literally translates to ‘long rock’ and is associated with the large-scale rocks that were piled up by nature forming a natural hideaway on top of a hill. The resort, a destination in its own right, is run by the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company and sits on 545 acres of national park surrounded by natural and architectural beauty.

Upon arrival at Penha Longa I was offered a smile, a cold towel and […]

The Dolder Grand Spa: spa holiday without the jet lag

The city of Zurich is far more than a financial hub and there is plenty to be enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. A broad range of culture, entertainment and gastronomy are on offer as well as lots of activities in and around Lake Zurich. Only minutes from the city centre, by car or cog railway, you can even experience the ultimate spa holiday without the jet lag at «The Dolder Grand Spa».

«The Dolder Grand» with its iconic towers sits high above the city of Zurich and embodies luxury, exclusivity and relaxation since 1899. After an extensive […]

The highlights of Milan Design Week 2017

Another Milan Design Week has come and gone! With an average of 18’000 steps, 10’000 impressions and 100’000 people per day, I am delighted to share the highlights and my personal favourites of the one and only Milan Design Week 2017 with you.

The first «Salone del Mobile» took place in 1961, which is how it all started. In later years «Euroluce» (lighting), «Workplace» (office design),  «Salone del Bagno» (bathroom design), «Eurocucina» (kitchen design) and «Salone Satellite» (young designers and design students) were added. During this year’s 56th edition of «iSaloni», there was also «Euroluce» and «Workplace 3.0», […]

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