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Bathroom Design Basel

As an interior designer I may be biased, but I truly believe that our homes have a great impact on our health and wellbeing. I like to refer to it as «Wellbeing through Design».

The best way to demonstrate this, is with before and after images. In this post I would like to share a recent bathroom renovation I did and give you a glimpse behind the scenes.

bathroom renovation

The bathroom before the renovation

The nearly 40 year old bathroom, an original from the late 70’s, was in dire need of a renovation. Not only was it outdated in terms of style (although some may argue it was true retro), but it was showing its age in every crack and corner. My client was tired of looking at the same green bathroom every morning and desperate for a change.

bathroom renovation Basel

Details of the bathroom before the renovation

She was envisioning a minimalist, light filled space with a touch of glam and femininity. She was dreaming of her own private sanctuary, a place where she could relax and pamper herself.

One of the most important factors when renovating or building for that matter is the planning and preparation.

It requires lengthy discussions with the clients, learning about their needs and requirements, lifestyle, likes and dislikes and of course their budget. The most important aspects of my job are to ask the right questions, come up with solutions and create a suitable concept. However, part of my job is also managing expectations. For many of my clients it is either the first time they are renovating (or building for that matter) or it has been years since their last renovation project. Therefore they are not up to date with the costs involved.

home renovation Basel

During renovation…

We ripped out everything – the shower wall, the sanitary ware, the built-in storage, the wood panelling of the slanted ceiling and of the ceiling and some of the tiles. We left the floor tiles because they presented an even surface to lay the parquet on and because they allowed the bathroom flooring to become level with bedroom and corridor flooring. Also the wall tiles by the sink didn’t need to be removed, because the wall was plastered and then covered by a large size mirror. The window in the slanted ceiling was  also replaced by a more modern version, which is much easier to open and close.

modern bathroom design

After renovation: Walk-in shower with glass partition and tub

On the other hand, we kept the sanitary ware in the same position.

We did study alternatives, but I soon realised that it would be impossible to meet the client’s expectation in terms of design and quality of materials and stay within budget, if we were to move the pipes around. We therefore agreed to save some money on labour (which makes up for a substantial part of the cost of a renovation in Switzerland) and instead have more freedom when selecting the materials and the sanitary ware.

beautiful bathrooms

After renovation: countertop sink and bespoke wooden drawer unit

One of the fairly unique features of this bathroom are the wooden floors.

The use of wood floors in bathrooms is still quite rare, but is becoming increasingly popular. When handled with care, wooden floors are surprisingly durable (after all many boats are also made of wood…). Having said this, I wouldn’t recommend wooden floors in a family bathroom with small children… We used the same parquet as in the rest of the house, which creates a overall harmonious and cohesive look. The dark wood adds a touch of sophistication and also creates a nice contrast to the beige stone tiles. The colours are soothing and together with the natural materials used throughout, they create a relaxing ambiance.

modern bathrooms

After renovation: taps and bathroom fixtures

The light fixture, the accessories and the rose coloured accents add the desired touch of glam and femininity. The organically shaped sink and rounded taps soften the straight lines of the overall design.

romantic interior design

After renovation: adding a feminine touch

In the past few years the bathroom has become increasingly important, because it is not only the place we start and end our day, but also a place where we can kick back and relax.

Giving your home a new look is a bit like giving yourself the opportunity for a fresh start. I hope that with these before and after pictures I was able to demonstrate to you how a space can truly be transformed.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about the design and renovation process and a taste of how to get from point A to point B when renovating a bathroom.

If you would like to take the stress out of your bathroom renovation, then please book a Discovery Call and let’s talk about your dream bathroom.

Changing lives, one room at a time!

Simone xx

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