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Blickfang is not just another design exhibition, but rather a curated design shopping event! It’s also a great place to discover new design talent. Buzzing with excitement, furniture, home accessories, fashion and jewellery designers share the floor space.

Photo credits: Blickfang

Photo credits: Blickfang

Personally, I enjoy Blickfang, because of the sophisticated, yet relaxed and down to earth atmosphere. As an interior designer, I particularly love talking to the designers, who are keen to share their passion and tell their stories on how their unique creations came about. It’s interesting to learn more about each piece, how it was made and what materials were used to make it.

Blickfang (eyecatcher) originated in Stuttgart 23 years ago and was created to give young, talented designers a platform to exhibit and sell their products. The first Blickfang Zurich opened its doors only 4 years later and since then cities like Hamburg, Munich, Basel and Vienna have been added.

Apart from giving designers the opportunity to showcase their products, test the market and hopefully sell some of their products, they can also win one of the design awards.

Photo credits: Blickfang/ Winner of this year's MINI Design Award - Dutch designer Steven Banken

Photo credits: Blickfang/ Winner of this year’s MINI Design Award – Dutch designer Steven Banken

The trend for modular and flexible furniture, which I could already observe at neue räume Zürich, was also very evident amongst designers here. It is also interesting to see that even though it may seem as if we’ve seen it all nowadays, true creatives always find ways of reinventing objects in terms of shape, form and particular material. The combination and processing of materials is endless and enhanced with modern technology should yet offer plenty of opportunity for new creations in the future.

Photo credits: Blickfang/ Modular furniture by home3

Photo credits: Blickfang/ Modular furniture by home3

Famous furniture designer Charles Eames once said ‘The details are not the details, they make the design’, which is why I cannot emphasise enough on how important it is to add some unique pieces of furniture, lighting or objects to your space to give it that final touch.

220 designers presented their products at Blickfang Zurich 2015. Below you can explore some of my favourite finds from the furniture, lighting and accessories section.

Left: glass pendant lights by Eloa/ Right: crate trolley by everythings

Left: glass pendant lights by Eloa/ Right: crate trolley by everythings

Whether you wish to add some colour to your dining room with these stunning glass pendants, spice up your kitchen with this quirky trolley, pep up your living room with some elegant side tables or create some coziness with a woolly rug, is entirely up to you. You will even find great kid’s furniture and unique items for your home office.

Clockwise: tables by Steven Banken, kid's bed by Lalilu, carpets by AIT Selma and desk by Patrizia Keller

Clockwise: tables by Steven Banken, kid’s by Designteil, carpets by AIT Selma and desk by Patrizia Keller

As one of 15’000 design enthusiasts, who visited the exhibition this year, I was particularly pleased to see so many local designers represented there. I got the impression that more and more young designers dare take the leap and that the Swiss design scene is experiencing a healthy growth.

What unique pieces have you added to your home recently?

Inspired regards,

Simone xx

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