Blogging takes you places you least expect and where you never even dreamt of going. Having been shortlisted for the second time around with the Amara Interior Blog Awards this year, I also get to sit on the other side of the fence for the Blogger’s Lounge Awards 2015 as a judge!


Blogger's Lounge judges1

So whilst I am competing for one award, I am judging for another one! As a winner of the Blogger’s Lounge Blogger of the Year 2014 in the category Design and Interior, I was asked to be a judge for this year’s competition in the same category. I’m very flattered and extremely honoured to be on their judging panel and look forward to going through all those lovely interior blogs!

Bloggers are truly a unique set of people. They come from all walks of life, backgrounds and professions and are spread across the globe, but with one thing in common: PASSION! I feel extremely blessed to be part of such a wonderful community and as my blog grows, I also seem to grow within the community. There is a lot of mutual respect and support, therefore being shortlisted, winning and judging for blogging awards is not just about the title, but also about the community experience. It’s a wonderful way to network and connect with fellow bloggers, regardless what they blog about, because we all pour our heart and soul into it!

This is why I would to take this opportunity to not only thank the organisers of the various blogging awards and events, but also the blogging community itself, which I am grateful to have become a part of!

Good luck to everyone with the competitions and let’s keep blogging 🙂

Simone xxx

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