The Chedi Andermatt: 360 degrees of indulgence

Be prepared to be swept away! When you enter The Chedi Andermatt it is like stepping into a different world. It takes a moment to take it all in. There is the grandeur, the sheer size of the building, in particular its height and on the other hand […]

Hotel.D Basel: urban design in the old town

Having worked in the luxury hotel industry around the globe for many years during my first career, I was lucky enough to experience some of the most magnificent hotels. Most of these hotels were 5-star properties. However, over the years, I have realised that regardless of the number […]

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    Designers’ Saturday – a must for (Swiss) design enthusiasts

Designers’ Saturday – a must for (Swiss) design enthusiasts

At Designers’ Saturday it’s not so much about the product itself, but about the experience created with the product. We are not just shown a chair, we are invited to experience the chair and its story and learn more about the brand’s identity and philosophy. This year there was […]

Wellbeing through design

Have you ever asked yourself why some places make you feel comfortable and others don’t? Personally, I strongly believe that interior design changes lives, because it changes how people feel when they are using a space. Our surroundings impact our general wellbeing and even our health. In a […]

A glimpse into the London Design Festival

With a sense of excitement and anticipation, I headed to the London Design Festival, which takes place in different parts of London each year during the month of September. Having visited some other shows this year already, including my all time favourite Milan Design Week, I was curious […]

The past en vogue: Vintage and retro

What exactly is vintage and what is retro? Recently, I was asked to contribute to an article in a Swiss newspaper (Zeitung des Schweizerischen Hauseigentümerverband) and asked to elaborate on this question. Since there is no exact definition of these terms, I was fully aware that […]

CitizenM Tower of London – eclectic design at its best

Location, location, location! The recently opened CitizenM Tower of London boasts a prime location sitting right above the Tower Hill tube station,  across from the Tower of London, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Get ready for some of the best views London has got on offer and eclectic design at its […]

Milan Design Week 2016

Milan Design Week is an annual design event not to be missed! There is no other place in the world, where you get to see and learn so much about the latest trends, materials, products and innovations related to interior design. In my opinion it is a […]

My first design award

Winning a design award for the ‘most stylish kitchen in the Virgin Islands’ in the design competition run by Virgin Islands Property and Yacht magazine is something I will never forget! I feel very honoured to have won this award, not only because it is my first […]

Happy birthday Global Inspirations Design Blog

Two years ago to this date, on February 22nd, 2014, I embarked on this adventure called blogging. With little to no clue as to why and how, I simply followed my intuition and an inner voice that it was something I should do. Here I am 38 blog […]

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