Les Trois Rois Basel: steeped in history

Basel, the city on the Rhine river, where the countries Switzerland, France and Germany meet, is not only home to many pharmaceutical headquarters, but has also become known for its many cultural and architectural highlights. During «Baselworld» and «Art Basel» the city turns into an international mecca of watches and jewellery […]

The past en vogue: Vintage and retro

What exactly is the difference between vintage design and retro design? Recently, I was invited to contribute to an article in a Swiss newspaper published by the Swiss home owners association – the Zeitung des Schweizerischen Hauseigentümerverband and was asked to elaborate on this […]

Andaz London – an Eastern London gem

Diverse, eclectic, buzzing and creative are the words I’d use to describe the multi-faceted and historic, yet urban City of London. With its mix of modern star architecture and buildings deeply rooted in history it is surely a neighbourhood worth discovering. At the same time it is a popular hub […]

Triple celebration at Centre Le Corbusier

World Interiors Day is an annual event held at the end of May, organized by IFI (International Federation of Interior Architects/ Designers) and aims to bring more awareness to the profession of Interior Design as well as communicate its importance on people’s wellbeing.

Looking back in […]

Back in time – Early 20th century design

From the time I was a little girl, I had a fascination for early 20th century design, such as Art Nouveau and Art Deco. I particularly loved the prints and plastered my walls with posters and postcards from that era. Today, as an interior designer, I still feel […]

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