Milan Design Week 2018 – colours, jungle fever and more

Colours, lots of colours and jungle were the dominant themes of this year’s Milan Design Week! For a design addict like me Milan Design Week is the most anticipated design event of the year and it never disappoints. However, this year’s buzz was almost intoxicating and as […]

The highlights of Milan Design Week 2017

Another Milan Design Week has come and gone! With an average of 18’000 steps, 10’000 impressions and 100’000 people per day, I am delighted to share the highlights and my personal favourites of the one and only Milan Design Week 2017 with you.

The first «Salone del […]

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    Designers’ Saturday – a must for (Swiss) design enthusiasts

Designers’ Saturday – a must for (Swiss) design enthusiasts

At Designers’ Saturday it’s not so much about the product itself, but about the experience created with the product. We are not just shown a chair, we are invited to experience the chair and its story and learn more about the brand’s identity and philosophy. This year there was […]

A glimpse into the London Design Festival

With a sense of excitement and anticipation, I headed to the London Design Festival, which takes place in different parts of London each year during the month of September. Having visited some other shows this year already, including my all time favourite Milan Design Week, I was curious […]

Milan Design Week 2016

Milan Design Week is an annual design event not to be missed! There is no other place in the world, where you get to see and learn so much about the latest trends, materials, products and innovations related to interior design. In my opinion it is a […]

Blickfang Zurich

Blickfang is not just another design exhibition, but rather a curated design shopping event! It’s also a great place to discover new design talent. Buzzing with excitement, furniture, home accessories, fashion and jewellery designers share the floor space.

Personally, I enjoy Blickfang, because of the sophisticated, yet relaxed and down to […]

Zurich goes design

During the month of November interior designers, architects and design enthusiasts from in and around Switzerland flock to Zurich. The international design show neue räume (literally: new rooms) is a great source of design inspiration and a good place to mingle with like-minded people.

More than 100 […]

The best of Milan Design Week 2015

As the saying goes ‘Better late than never’! As promised in my recent blog post about the Milan Design Week 2015, I have created a video, my very first video! I’m a trained interior designer, experienced hotelier, entrepreneur and blogger and I have yet discovered another passion: […]

Triple celebration at Centre Le Corbusier

World Interiors Day is an annual event held at the end of May, organized by IFI (International Federation of Interior Architects/ Designers) and aims to bring more awareness to the profession of Interior Design as well as communicate its importance on people’s wellbeing.

Looking back in […]

Milan Design Week, where interior design trends are set

It is safe to say that for me as an interior designer, the Milan Design Week is one of my annual highlights! There is an abundance of inspiration and seemingly limitless possibilities to see more, as long as you got the right shoe-work… […]

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