Barranco Grand Case: boho-chic oceanfront dining

As an interior designer and with my background in the international luxury hotel industry, I have developed numerous filters when it comes to choosing hotels and restaurants. In my opinion a restaurant needs to fulfill three main criteria: good food, good design and good service. That should […]

Palapa Grill & Lounge: new hot spot in Saint Martin

Everyone likes a good story. When I visited the recently reopened Palapa Grill & Lounge, I soon realised that even though there’s lots to discover in terms of design, there is much more to the place than what meets the eye. The owner, Barbara, had a story […]

Creative cuisine in a minimalist setting

Fine dining evokes different types of feelings in different people and many associate it with starched white tablecloths, uptight waiters and a stiff atmosphere. However, there are some restaurants that manage to find the right balance between elegant and casual. The Rubino Restaurant, which is somewhat hidden […]

Exploring the Zurich Café scene

‘Let’s grab a coffee!’ is not just about drinking coffee, but more so a social activity engrained in our culture. May it be for a leisurely afternoon with a friend or a moment to yourself, I think there is something magic about sitting in a café. Whether […]

Gastro design – Zurich gone retro

Urban, quirky and retro come to mind as you walk into the lounge of the 25hours hotel in ZüriWest (Zurich West), where modern glass and steel high rises have become the norm. Historically this area was Zurich’s industrial zone, which is still visible in parts creating an […]

The Basel gastro scene

Having lived in cities like Dubai and London, I admit, I am quite spoiled when it comes to gastronomic variety. So when I returned to my hometown Basel 4 years ago, I was somewhat disillusioned. Whereas, of course it is not comparable, considering the size of Basel, […]

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