Chalet Interior Design

Prefer hitting the slopes rather than furniture showrooms?

Global Inspirations Design offers turnkey interior design solutions for your alpine chalet, whether it’s a place for you to enjoy on a ski holiday, a summer hiking trip with friends and family, or a property to be rented out.

Simone’s mission is to create cozy, elegant, and livable mountain style homes. Her full-service interior design will turn your ski chalet into a stylish ‘Home Away From Home’, combining aesthetics with functionality that will enhance your experience every time you stay at your mountain chalet.

She knows how to blend tradition and simplicity with practicality and luxury, turning your property into an ultimate getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

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“Chalet interiors must evoke a Sense of Place.”

Why work with Global Inspirations Design for your alpine chalet design?  

Growing up in Switzerland and with fond memories of her family visits to her Grandfather’s traditional Engadine house on the old village square in Scuol, Simone has a firm understanding of the cozy and welcoming chalet design style and is committed to creating spaces that reflect the charm and authenticity of mountain living.

Combining her background and comprehensive local knowledge with her extensive experience of working, visiting, and writing about dozens of boutique and luxury hotels both in the Swiss Alps and all over the world, Simone brings a contemporary and exclusive approach to chalet chic.  

Global Inspirations Design helps you realise your vision of a modern, functional, and yet idyllic alpine chalet, where you or your guests can relax and feel at home while enjoying the comfort and attention to detail of luxury-style accommodation.   

Drawing on her experience of working with local homeowners as well as expats and international clients and on her natural talent for capturing her clients’ personality, Simone aims for creating spaces that bring joy and ooze individuality. Through the use of local, natural, and ethically-sourced materials her projects consistently deliver a sophisticated aesthetic that will make your chalet a memorable place to holiday in.  

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