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Call me a design geek, but when I first heard of ’50 shades of Grey’ I couldn’t help, but imagine some strikingly modern contemporary interiors and images of grey living rooms and bedrooms popped into my mind. Whereas I wasn’t too far off with the bedrooms, I was obviously still way off topic…

So if it is sassy and naughty you are looking for, I must disappoint you, but if you are looking for plenty of sexy greyspiration for your home, including your bedroom, then you have come to the right place!

Grey, black and white (which grey is mixed from) are so-called non-colours and the only true neutrals. However, in interior design we also consider greiges, beiges, browns and variations thereof as neutrals. Grey is a very versatile (non) colour that comes in far more than 50 shades…

Global Inspirations Design_blog_shades of grey

Global Inspirations Design_blog_shades of grey_5

Global Inspirations Design_blog_shades of grey_1

There are cool greys (above) and warm greys (below) depending on which other colour(s) you add to the mix. As seen in the colour palettes and patterns I have created for you, grey can be used on its own in a so-called monochromatic scheme or alternatively, as a background to which you then add splashes of colour. When mixing greys, try and stay within the same family of greys. Just look for the colour within… is it blue, green or yellow etc. and then stick to the same.

Global Inspirations Design_blog_shades of grey_4

Global Inspirations Design_blog_shades of grey_2

Now let’s look at some grey interiors: As the story may go, it starts with a drink in the kitchen…

Grey kitchen design courtesy of Bulthaup (www.bulthaup.com)

… continues in the living room…

Grey living room design courtesy by Minotti (www.minotti.com)

… possibly a moment in the bathroom to powder the nose…

Grey bathroom design courtesy of Laufen Bathrooms (www.laufen.com)

… and ends up in the bedroom…  The rest of the story I will leave it up to your imagination 😉

Grey bedroom design (Left: Linie Design/ Right: Found on Pinterest Home Decor)

Personally, I am a big fan of greys in the bedroom, as it is very calming, however, you may wish to add a splash of a warm colour as seen above on the left. Orange works particularly well with grey, but then again, so do purple and pink. The choice is yours, the possibilities endless…

I hope you enjoyed my version of 50 shades of grey and are left feeling inspired.

Creative regards,

Simone xxx

Bulthaup Kitchens
Laufen Bathrooms
Linie Design
Pinterest Home Decor

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