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Experiential Marketing is said to create a closer bond between the customer and the brand by immersing them into a fun and memorable experience. At 7132 Therme Vals, however, experience is more than just marketing, it is a 360 degrees  immersion impacting all of our senses.

S i g h t
Imagine modern architecture and contemporary interior design set against a backdrop of archaic alpine mountain peaks…

H e a r i n g
Imagine the exhilarating sound of uninterrupted silence accompanied by the sounds of water…

T a s t e
Imagine iron rich water straight from the source to palate tantalizing flavours courtesy of gourmet chef Sven Wassmer –  your taste buds will have a field trip of their own…

S m e l l
Imagine pure mountain air complemented by a soft scent of pine…

T o u c h
Imagine the invigorating sensation of stone, wood and water…

Therme Vals Indoor Pool

The ambiance inside the Therme Vals makes you forget about time.

Therme Vals – the architectural and wellbeing experience
The key attraction of Vals is the award winning Therme (thermal baths) designed by famous Swiss architect Peter Zumthor. It is undisputable that the building is an architectural masterpiece, however, what astonished me most is the fact that such a modern structure was designed nearly 20 years ago! Built from 60’000 slabs of local quartzite stone, the building evokes an unmatched sense of calm and serenity. The reduced forms and ultimate minimalism, also in terms of signage, makes a visit to the baths an exploratory experience for the senses. As you discover the cubic pools of sulphate and iron rich spring water ranging from 14 – 42 degrees Celsius you will feel your body relax, your mind unwind and time becomes nothing but a word… Needless to say, Therme Vals certainly is one of the best spa hotels in Switzerland.

hotel room overlooking mountains

Clean lines and minimalist interior design draw the focus towards the stunning views.

7132 – The hotel experience
The 7132 Therme Vals closely identifies itself with the village of Vals and vice-versa, which is why the hotel is using the village’s postcode as its name. The rooms and the restaurants are spread across several buildings dating back to 1969, featuring an eclectic mix of contemporary interior design styles that range from Bauhaus and Japanese interior design to urban chic.

Cocoon like hotel room

The Kuma room by star architect Kengo Kuma is just one of several unique room styles.

The common areas and the rooms designed by Zumthor host an impressive collection of design classics from the 30’s, 50’s and 60’s. On the other hand, the rooms which were refurbished in spring 2015 were designed by Japanese star architects Kengo Kuma and Tadao Ando. Whilst Kuma’s rooms give us the sensation of being inside of a wooden cocoon, Ando’s rooms remind us of a Japanese teahouse.

Photography: Simone Aïda Baur and 7132 hotel

Photography: Simone Aïda Baur and 7132 hotel

Design by nature – the natural experience
Standing in the village square of rural Vals, one may think that time has stood still. The charming small village is the perfect place to slow down and ponder upon the true meaning of life. Vals is also a great starting point for numerous adventures and sporting activities such as hiking, skiing and river rafting.

stylish snacks

Stylish snacks, yet another experience for the senses.

Design on a plate – the culinary experience
Creativity can be expressed in many forms. Star chef Sven Wassmer has surely found a way of expressing his and will take you on a culinary journey at restaurant Silver. It’s undeniable that this extraordinary experience does come at a price. However, you can make up for it at Da Papà, where your wallet, but not your taste buds will be given a bit of a break. This quirky Italian restaurant serves salad, pizza and pasta e basta.

Hotel 7132 Terrace

Ambiance lighting and the fireplace add a warm touch to the minimalist architecture and contemporary interior design.

The restaurant Red, named after the colour of its carpet, serves a colourful breakfast buffet and French influenced à la carte dishes for dinner. Snacks and drinks can be enjoyed at Blue (yep, you guessed it right, the one with the blue carpet!) and its adjoining terrace facing the stunning mountain scenery.

All things considered, my visit to Vals has been a delightful experience – with one single regret – I wish I could have stayed longer…

Happy stylish discoveries!

Simone xx

P.S. I’ve selected the 7132 Theme Vals as one of the best hotels in Switzerland. Find out more about the others that made it onto the list of my favourite hotels in The 7 Best Hotels in Switzerland.


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Note: This blog post was created in collaboration with the hotel (press trip).



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