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One of the perks of being an international interior designer and lifestyle and interior design blogger is that I get to visit some of the most fabulous design exhibitions, restaurants and hotels around the world.

I love staying at design, boutique and luxury hotels, not only because I enjoy getting pampered, but also because I appreciate every little detail in terms of the interior design. In fact, I often draw inspiration from these impressions  when developing a design concept for my clients.

On February 22nd, 2014 I wrote my first blog post. I decided to write about one of my favourite hotels, the fabulous Rosewood Mayakoba near Playa del Carmen in Mexico (feature image).

I started blogging based on a hunch. And I just felt like it was something I should do. As I was typing away, I also re-discovered my passion for writing (I used to write lots of short stories when I was a kid), so I decided to pursue this blogging thing, wondering where it would lead me.

luxury hotels

Restaurant at Andaz London Liverpool Street

Never did I imagine that one day I’d get invited to some of the most amazing hotels and design shows in order to write about them. I initially launched my blog to share ideas and inspirations about interior design and of course to draw traffic to my website for my interior design business. Whilst my blog continues to serve as a platform to express myself and as a marketing tool, it has also become a small business in its own right. So today, as I celebrate 3 years of blogging, I would like to share 10 highlights of my first 3 years as an interior design blogger.

I love blogging about interior design, because…

1) …I got to take a bath in a UNESCO World heritage bathing facility.

Luxury mountain retreat

Therme Vals, Switzerland

2) …I was able to explore Le Corbusier’s last architectural contribution to the world.

3) …I get to experience a design overdose in Milan every year.

interior designer in Zurich

10km of walking and thousands of impressions per day for 6 days can literally made your head spin at Milan Design Week…

4) …I was able to experience 25 hours in Zurich.

5) …I got to experience a weekend of pampering at the Chedi Andermatt.

luxury hotel design

A weekend of indulgence at The Chedi Andermatt

6) …I was able to experience what ‘eclectic’ truly means in one of London’s hippest design hotels.

7) …was invited to attend the Amara blogger award’s ceremony in London several years in a row.

8) …I got to return to the British Virgin Islands to collect my first design award.

award winning interior designer in Zurich

‘The Most Stylish Kitchen in the Virgin Islands’ – Design Award 2016

9) …dine like a member of a guild in Basel.

10) …admire the sunrise from my bed at 1221 m.

What I have learned in 3 years as an interior design blogger and interior design entrepreneur is that we have to celebrate our successes along the way. There also have and surely will be lots of challenges, setbacks and disappointments, but it is the successes that kept me going and motivated me to keep going and make it all worthwhile…

I wish those of you on a similar journey all the best and remember: “Always keep a bottle of champagne in the fridge for special occasions. Sometimes the special occasion is that you’ve got a bottle of champagne in the fridge.” 😉


Simone xx

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