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What does it take to blog you may ask? In my opinion there are three key elements: Passion, Courage and Determination.

Passion, because I truly believe that only if you are passionate about something, you will have enough to say and will find enough time to write about it. In my experience it is something that will happen naturally…

Courage, because it does take a lot of courage to click the publish button… Yes, it does get a little easier with time, but I still feel a tiny sense of panic rise within, before publishing. After all… my article will be live on the World Wide Web and accessible by everyone from all corners of the world… Exciting yes, but also pretty daunting I would say, especially for someone fairly new in the blogosphere…

Determination, because once you decide to launch a blog, you will want to stick with it and even though you may have plenty of stuff to talk about, you may not always have the time to write. However, if you are committed to becoming a serious blogger, you will need to stick to some kind of a schedule.

keep calm and blog

Despite being a reasonably ‘young’ (hmmm… I like the sound of that LOL) blogger, it has been a very rewarding experience for me from day 1…

When I decided to have my own website, my web designer asked me, if I wanted a blog. To be perfectly honest, I barely knew what a blog was… needless to say, I therefore wasn’t particularly bothered about having one. I told her, that I wouldn’t have the first clue, what to write about…. She laughed and said that she is certain I would have more than enough material, if only I decided to go for it and suggested setting it up, just in case…

Well, one year after that conversation, I decided to embark on this new adventure called ‘blogging’. I was looking for a way to marry my ‘first life’ as a hotelier and my career as an interior designer and wrote my first post about the Rosewood Mayakoba Resort ‘Travel advice from a design addict’. As I was writing my first article, I discovered that I actually enjoyed the process, the writing itself and also selecting the images. And thus a new passion was born.

Six months after my first post, I received an email from the AMARA INTERIOR BLOG AWARDS’ team informing me, that I had been nominated for an interior blog award in the international category! WOW!!! This really took me by surprise and of course, I am super extra excited about this opportunity.

It is a UK based award with 10 categories for UK bloggers and an international category for all non-UK bloggers… Needless to say, that makes the international category (my category) with some 92 bloggers a very crowded and competitive place…

The way the award is set up, is that each blogger needs to get as many votes as possible, in order to get shortlisted. Those bloggers who are shortlisted will then be invited to the award’s ceremony at the Rosewood London Hotel (do you think it’s a sign, considering I wrote my very first post about one of the Rosewood hotels??) A panel of judges will then select the winner.

Being part of this journey has already been highly rewarding as I continue to learn so much along the way. I admit it took quite some courage to ask people, such as yourself for help, but I have been getting an overwhelmingly positive response from people around the globe, some of whom I know, some of whom I don’t know… What an inspiring experience indeed! Thank you!

As you can imagine, I would be over the moon if I got invited to attend the ceremony in London and dare I say it – win the award!!!

Thanks again for all the support!

Gratefully yours,

Simone xx

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