Interior Design Coaching

Interior Design Coaching and Colour Consultations (at your home)

Allow me to ask you some questions:

• Would you like personal advice from a professional, but then take things into your own hands?
• Are you unsure about which colours and materials would work best in your space?
• Would you like to understand more about colours, their effect and choose the colour(s) that best suit your personality?
• Do you feel like there is something missing in your interior to make it feel comfortable?
• Are you facing a specific design dilemma?
• Do you need help with regards to re-purposing a room?
• Are you simply looking for some ideas and inspiration and a nudge into the right direction?

This is how I can help:

You can book me for an interior design coaching and pick my brain. I will give you my honest opinion about the current situation, ask you some questions to understand what it is you are trying to achieve and give you sound advice on how to improve and optimise your environment in terms of space, colours, style and texture.

What will you get out of it:

Before the meeting I will send you a brief questionnaire about your lifestyle, likes and dislikes and I will ask you to send me a picture of the room(s) in question. This will help me understand more about you and your space. You will then get an objective and honest opinion by a professional about your space and about possible improvements, which will suit your personality. Basically, I am yours for 2 ½ hours and you can pick my brains. I will give you some specific tips and ideas that you can then implement. You will feel inspired, have a clear idea about the next steps and will feel ready to tackle your project.

interior design coaching

*Free phone consultation (max. 30 min) to discuss your requirements and to see how I can help.

Feedback from clients: 

What I hear most from my clients is “I wish we had called you earlier!” or “Wow… I would never have thought of that.”

‘It was a really enlightening afternoon and I think it gave us a lot of clarity and direction as we head into budgeting and planning for next year.’ Mrs. L. Underwood, Dietikon (ZH)

‘I really enjoyed working with you. You gave me super ideas, which I will work with to complete my flat!’ Mrs. N. El Hakim, Basel

‘The coaching was very inspiring and has motivated us to finally tackle our redecoration project!  Simone conveyed new ideas using simple tricks. We were fascinated by her “hands-on” approach and how tweaking small pieces of furniture and deco items would already enhance the look of our apartment. We are really looking forward to the upcoming changes of each room. Simone’s coaching was outstanding and we warmly recommend it to anyone!’ A. und M. Hirschmann, Therwil (BL)



Residential: CHF 790 – CHF 990 (includes 2 ½ hours session and preparation work)
Commercial: CHF 960 – CHF 1250 (includes 3 hours session and preparation work)

Please contact me to book your 30-minute complimentary Interior Design Assessment call!

Personal Shopping For Your Home

Allow me to ask you some questions:

• Do you feel overwhelmed with choice?
• Would you like a professionals opinion when shopping for furniture, fabrics, textiles and accessories?
• Would you like to save time and get it right the first time?
• Do you need help finding that special something to complete your room?

This is how I can help:

You can book me on an hourly basis and I will first visit your home, get to know you by discussing your likes and dislikes and then accompany you to the shops. I will give you my recommendations and my honest opinion as to what I consider most suitable for your room and your personality.

What will you get out of it:

You will save time by getting it right the first time around. You will also feel more comfortable knowing that you have made the best choice, which is most suited to your home and your personality. And of course you’ll have lots of fun!

Investment: minimum of 2 hours (hourly rate on request)