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Interior Design Consultations

Interior Design Consultations are the beginning of every design journey with Global Inspirations Design.

Consultations are fun and interactive 2.5 hours on-site (or virtual) working sessions, where we’ll discuss your most pressing design challenges, explore your project needs, the desired outcome and generally get to know each other.

Thanks to the information we gather prior to the session, we can hit the ground running and maximise our time together, providing you with specific suggestions and advice.

Simone will arrive well prepared with carefully selected samples based on your personal preferences to help illustrate her ideas. She’ll also identify the changes that could have the biggest impact and sometimes even tweak a few things right then and there resulting in comments, such as “Wow, I never would have thought of that!”


Do you have a design project you need help with?

“Simone’s Interior Design Consultation was well worth the time and money and hugely valuable in helping us sort out the set up for our newly purchased home. She helped use to consider ideas we never would have come up with on our own.” 

J. Creeden, Basel, Switzerland

What to expect from an Interior Design Consultation

You’ll gain more clarity on the style of your home and confidence in the next steps of your design project. 

Together we’ll decide on the best way forward to help you complete your design project. Depending on the scope of the project and your overall budget, this could be a Designer for a Day package or Full-Service Interior Design. 

You just need some direction or help with a specific design decision? Not to worry, Interior Design Consultations can also be booked as a standalone service. You’ll get a designer’s eye and a professional opinion that will help you complete your space on your own.  

Watch this video for a glimpse of what can happen during an interior design consultation.




Popular Topics For Your Interior Design Consultation


  • Your most pressing design questions, doubts and concerns
  • Analysis of what’s working and what’s not
  • Guidance with difficult design decisions 
  • Colour matching, colour palettes and paint selection
  • Advice with regards to furniture, lighting and home accessories that you’re thinking of buying
  • Advice with regards to soft furnishing such as curtains, blinds and upholstery
  • Selection of materials and finishes, such as flooring, tiles, wallpaper, fabrics and kitchen cabinet fronts
  • Furniture layout and placement of home accessories (sometimes we even move some furniture around)
  • Suggestions and ideas with regards to potential renovations, including kitchens and bathrooms
  • Re-purposing of rooms (e.g. empty nest syndrome)
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“It was a really enlightening afternoon and it gave us a lot of clarity and direction as we head into budgeting and planing for next year.”

L. Underwood, Zurich, Switzerland

What’s included in a Interior Design Consultation?

  • Detailed questionnaire
  • Preparation and research prior to the consultation
  • 3 hours Design Consultation (in person or via video call) 

Investment: CHF 890 (plus travel fees)

Interior Design Consultations are available in English, (Swiss) German, French, Spanish and Italian.

Are you ready to embark on your design journey?

“The consultation was very inspiring and motivated us to finally tackle our redesign project! Simone conveyed new ideas using simple tricks. We were fascinated by her ‘hands-on’ approach and how tweaking small pieces of furniture and deco items already enhanced the look of our apartment.”

M. Hirschmann, Switzerland

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