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Have you ever wondered how successful people live and how important their home is to them?«Talking about the home» is a new blog series I am launching, where I interview successful business owners about their views on interior design and their relationship with their home.

For those of you who have been reading my posts, follow me on Social Media or have attended one of my workshops, you will know that I often talk about wellbeing through design and how our home impacts our wellbeing and health. I strongly believe that our surroundings, whether it is our home or our office, also influence our success.

My first interview was held with the fabulous and funky Yvonne Aeberhard Stutz, better known as FunkyForty. FunkyForty is a beautiful fashion and lifestyle blog for women of 40+. In her blog she demonstrates that 40 something is still young and that we (yep, I also fall into this category!) can still be hip and trendy (you bet!).

Global Inspirations Design meets FunkyForty

Born in New Zealand to Swiss parents, she pursued a career in finance, which first brought her to London and then to Zurich. She claims that it was her love for chocolate, which according to her cures almost everything, not the job, that made her move to Switzerland. She was always passionate about fashion and always loved the idea of having a blog. After turning 40 she realised that even though there were plenty of great fashion blogs out there, none of them were quite hip enough for a funky forty like herself… so she started her own.

Much like her favourite quote «Creativity is intelligence having fun» by Albert Einstein she clearly seems to have a lot of fun with her blog and I sure had a lot of fun getting to know her!

The interview:

Who is the person that inspires you the most?

The 90 year old fashion icon Iris Apfel and also one of my husband’s aunts, who is 86 and still very young at heart. I also look up to my mother, who is a true survivor and still very cool.

What’s your favourite place in terms of design and ambiance in Zurich?

The Cantinetta Antinori, I love the traditional Italian ambiance and the food is great!

So let’s talk about your home: How important is your home to you on a scale of 1 – 10?


What does your home represent to you?

My home is my safe haven. It’s the place, where I can just be… (she laughs) no make-up, messy hair, in my nighty and it doesn’t matter (laughs again).

Does your style in fashion influence the design of your home?

Not really, my wardrobe is always new and trendy, full of colours, whereas my home is actually a bit boring (she grins). I like simplicity, straight lines and neutral colours and we even have matching bathrooms.

How would you describe the style of your home?

Contemporary and uncluttered.

What’s your favourite room or area in your home and why?

Our open plan living area, because that’s where my husband, our teenage daughter and I spend time together.

Once you have designed your home, do you keep it the same for a long time or do you make regular changes?

I actually keep it the same for a long time, but I do feel I need a change now. There are certain areas, such as my office that really need to be addressed. I think furniture shopping is the most difficult thing in the world. Furniture is expensive and you need to make so many decisions.

Are there any areas in your home that you would like to change?

Yes, my office really needs some changes and my living room, (she laughs) maybe you can help me!

Is it important to you what your guests think of your home?

I’m generally a very tidy person anyhow. However, it depends on the guest. If someone is visiting for the first time I will make sure my home looks its best, because I believe in first impressions count. If it is someone who knows me well, then they will love me even if my place is messy!» She laughs and then adds. «… and most importantly when you come to my house, there is always something yummy!

Do you believe that our home has an impact on our wellbeing and why?

Yes, absolutely! The home shapes the people who live in it and grow up in it. Children who grow up in a nice home learn to appreciate and value pretty things. It is important that a home is friendly and relaxing.

It was a very fun and lively interview indeed and I loved Yvonne’s open, cheerful and direct nature. Spending some time with her and learning more about her and her home, made me realise that it makes complete sense for her to have calm and (dare I say) not very exciting interiors. Someone as energetic as her will feel most comfortable in a tranquil and soothing environment, where she can just be and regain her energy. After all, being funky all the time would be far too exhausting!

Funky regards,

Simone xx

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