Interior Design Testimonials

Saint Martin Luxury Penthouse terrace

Classic Contemporary Living and Dining Room Design

Watch this video and listen to how the client describes the design journey and how redesigning their living space has changed her and her family’s lives.

“When we made the decision to hire Simone, we were thinking that it will be great to have new furniture. But in reality, we are now in a place, where when we sit in these rooms in our home, every single item that we’re surrounded with sparks joy and we are very grateful for the way Simone brought that joy into our home and our daily living. If you are thinking of hiring Simone, my recommendation would be to ask yourself if you want more joy in your life?”

D. & K. Pressner, Basel, Switzerland (see full project here)


Tropical contemporary vacation home

“When we purchased a vacation home in the Caribbean island of Sint Maarten (Saint Martin), we needed a full service interior designer to help us furnish it. Global Inspirations Design delivered in every aspect.

The key for us was to find someone that would understand our vision and have the ability to integrate it into a concrete plan while staying within the constraints of a budget. All of this needed to be done with us remote. We chose Global Inspirations Design for this challenging task and it was the best decision that we made.


D. & L. Fey, Minnesota (USA)/ St. Marteen (Dutch Caribbean) (see full project here)

red and gold interiors
Dining room with blue accent wall

Minimalistic Apartment Design

“Simone has a friendly, outgoing attitude that she easily maintains while remaining solution-focused. She has great communication, listening, and organizational skills, which kept us on time and on budget. To summarise in one sentence, Simone was able to translate my personality into a beautiful and functional living space and I’m in love with the blue wall and the New York skyline. I can’t stop looking at it.”

Dr. P. Rege, Basel, Switzerland (see full project here)

Contemporary Living Room Refurbishment

Watch the video testimonial here.

“We feel extremely comfortable in our living room now and enjoy spending time here, which wasn’t the case before.” (wife) “My expectations have been exceeded. I never thought it possible to create something like this in our living room. You really did a superb job! Thank you!” (husband)”

Mr. and Mrs. Bucheli, Allschwil, Switzerland (see full project here)


contemporary taupe kitchen design Caribbean

Eclectic East Meets West Interior Design

“As an American family moving from China back to Basel, our home, our furnishing and our design ideas were a big mixture of multiple cultures and continents. We liked many styles and we owned many styles and we needed to find a way to make them work together. Enter Simone from Global Inspirations Design. Her Interior Design Consultation was well worth the time and money and was hugely valuable in helping us sort out the set up for our newly purchased home. She explored who we were and how we used our home and then offered advice on how best to layout our home to make the best use of it.


T. Creeden, Basel, Switzerland (see full project here)

Tropical Contemporary Villa Design British Virgin Islands

“Simone was contracted as my interior designer for my home in the British Virgin Islands. She demonstrated a high-level of professionalism, dedication and breath of fresh air throughout the entire project. She is extremely passionate about interior design, very creative and meticulous. She provided detailed options and while she was keen on making sure that I received my desired design concept, she remained direct about design options that did not go well together.


D. Mactavious, Tortola, British Virgin Islands (see full project here)

“When we purchased a vacation home in the Caribbean island of Sint Maarten, we needed a full service interior designer to help us furnish it. Global Inspirations Design delivered in every aspect.”

D. & L. Fey, Minnesota, USA/ Saint Martin, Caribbean

“Simone has been very helpful in a project to redo our stairs to make them both more child friendly and stylish. She very quickly was able to help focus our attention on the type of style and detail we wanted and proved extremely proactive and resourceful in helping locate firms to work with and communicating our needs to the contractors. It has been a much smoother process and a better result because she has been involved.”

L. Underwood, Zurich, Switzerland

“Working with Simone was a delight to refurbish our attic space and create a cozy and relaxing East-meets-West décor and ambiance. Simone is an energetic, enthusiastic, hardworking and creative professional, capturing easily the needs and essence of the style you are looking for. I really enjoyed the day shopping and all her precious ideas, expertise and advice. Simone has a great eye for details to add a personal and emotional touch and interacts with an extensive network of professionals, manufacturers and vendors. I can highly recommend Simone.”

S. & G. Bovio, Vevey, Switzerland

“Simone is an excellent Interior Designer who is very meticulous, creative and produces a superior product. Despite the fact that I paid a flat rate, she invested a lot of time into providing good customer service and communicating with me to ensure that I received best results. I highly recommend Simone!”

D. Mactavious, Tortola, British Virgin Islands

“Simone is a first class designer who not only originates new and inventive designs but also thinks on her feet and adapts ideas in the face of emerging, unexpected situations. Simone works well as a team leader and coordinator, conveying her ideas among the team she is working with. For a client, she is a godsend!”

A. Shillingford, London, UK

“We were very happy with what Simone offered in terms of innovative ideas, use of materials and utilization of space. She was a great asset in helping us choose the right location and type of lighting, color scheme and wall treatments. The advice she provided saved a lot of hassle and costs down the line because we were able to make the right interior design decisions on time. We appreciated her flexibility in terms of meeting scheduling and channels of communication which is very important for people with busy schedules. She has an eye for detail and a good sense of what “fits together” and makes a home a comfortable yet modern place to live and entertain guests.”

Fam. Avdjiev, Basel, Switzerland

“The key for us was to find an interior designer that would understand our vision and have the ability to integrate it into a concrete plan while staying within the constraints of a budget. All of this needed to be done with us remote. We chose Global Inspirations Design for this challenging task and it was the best decision that we made.”

D. & L. Fey, Minnesota, USA/ Saint Martin, Caribbean

“We booked an Interior Design Consultation with Simone. She gave us clear advice, great concrete ideas and guidelines. She also revealed certain things in our interior that we were aware of, but unable to translate into action and concrete interior design solutions. Thanks to her guidance, good understanding of our problem and her vision, this consultation was very helpful to kick off our project and come to a great result.”

D. Ledouble, Kiffis, France


“We absolutely enjoyed the day out shopping with Simone – it was well worth working with her in every regard. She is definitely an expert in her field with a boundless amount of energy and enthusiasm shown throughout the day. We really felt that she had our best interests at heart and we truly appreciate everything she has done for us.”

J. & M. Bensch, Reinach (Baselland), Switzerland

“I met with Simone soon after moving into our new house. In a few hours, she was able to provide clear direction and ways to prioritise the work. She looked at our current belongings, helped identify some potential styles to lean towards, and had a great practicality about what could be done to help with the house. What I appreciated most was her knowledge of structural building, her ability in helping us identify priorities and her friendliness and professionalism. I left feeling like it was money well spent and would certainly engage her in any future design work. She is clearly knowledgeable, capable and has an excellent global view of furnishings and styles and the flexibility to adapt to spaces and client needs.”

L. Underwood, Dietikon (Aargau), Switzerland

“Global Inspirations Design’s professional expertise and resources made our dream to have a home in the Caribbean a reality. Simone listened to us, made recommendations based on her sense of our vision, had a keen eye for details, and kept us within the confines of the budget. She was meticulously organized and always kept us informed or answered any questions we had with swiftness and effectiveness.”

D. & L. Fey, Minnesota, USA/ Saint Martin, Caribbean

“The consultation was very inspiring and has motivated us to finally tackle our redecoration project! Simone conveyed new ideas using simple tricks. We were fascinated by her “Hands-on” approach and how tweaking small pieces of furniture and deco items would already enhance the look of our apartment. We are really looking forward to the upcoming changes of each room.”

Dr. A. & Dr. M. Hirschmann, Therwil, Switzerland

“As with any design project, obstacles come along, in this case it was a global pandemic that shut everything down for months. Simone was our greatest ally, working with contractors and suppliers to finish our project to above our expectations! We would recommend Simone without the slightest hesitation. We too, look forward to working with Simone and Global Inspirations Design again in the future.”

D. & L. Fey, Minnesota, USA/ Saint Martin, Caribbean

“I used Simone’s expertise for an interior design consultation at my place. I warmly recommend her valuable advice for solving a specific problem or improving your whole environment. She quickly analysed the situation, made relevant suggestions and delivered more than expected.”

A. Hamberg, Arlesheim, Switzerland