Full Service Interior Design 

Tailored turnkey Interior Design Services

Full service interior design is for you if you have a busy career and lifestyle and simply no time nor expertise in creating your “Dream Home”. You would rather outsource your project to someone, who will create a beautiful, functional and cohesive looking home that truly reflects your personality so that you can experience a true ‘Sense of Home’ and share it with others. At the same time you are looking for someone who will do all the heavy lifting and running around for you, so that you can spend your time pursuing your career and hobbies, doing what you love.

Global Inspirations Design will bring to life bespoke design solutions to suit your personality and lifestyle and create your own personal sanctuary, so that you can enjoy your time focusing on the people and things you love. Full service interior design is  fully customised and available for just one room or an entire house including kitchens and bathrooms.

Interior Design in 3 Phases:

Phase 1: Design Concept:

During this stage your goals and objectives are determined in more details and you will be presented with the design concept for your chosen space.

•    Detailed Client Brief
•    Floor Plans and Furniture Layouts
•    Concept Boards/ Colour Schemes
•    Presentation of ideas and concept for your approval

Phase 2: Design Development:

This stage is very interactive, with regular chats and meetings to keep you up to date and further refine ideas.

•    Space planning: detailed plans, elevations and 3D illustrations
•    Lighting Plans
•    Lighting Concepts
•    Fabrics and materials
•    Sourcing and specifying of materials, furniture, fabrics etc. and obtaining quotes for your approval

Phase 3: Design Implementation:

•    Placing orders, arrange for deliveries, customs clearance (when applicable), installation and assembly
•    Procuring the services of builders, plumbers, electricians, curtain makers and other trades people
•    Overseeing building work on site as required


Need help?

For more information I invite you to send me a message so we can set up a complimentary discovery call to discuss your situation and requirements. I will then suggest the best way forward.


All consultations are available in 6 languages: English, (Swiss) German, French, Italian, Spanish and (basic) Portuguese