Meet The Designer 

Simone Aïda Baur is an award-winning Interior Designer and the founder of Global Inspirations Design, a boutique full-service interior design consultancy based in Zurich, Switzerland.

Simone works internationally and remotely with private clients all over the world, focusing on residential and vacation home projects.

Her specialization is creating soulful and exceptional interiors with a global aesthetic that reflect her client’s unique personality, dreams, aspirations, and life journey, whilst supporting their lifestyle.  

Simone’s vision is to change lives – one room at a time. No matter who her clients are, where they come from, or where they live, she is able to design thoughtful and tailored spaces, so they can experience a ‘Sense of Home’. Simone says: “I just love when my client’s eyes light up, when they see their dream home come to life.”  

In Switzerland, she primarily works with expats, creating tailored solutions that support their international lifestyle and deliver joy and a true sense of belonging. Simone is also passionate about designing stunning and imaginative spaces for vacation homeowners throughout Switzerland, Europe, and the Caribbean creating the ultimate ‘home away from home’.

Her work has been featured in several online and print publications in Switzerland and the Caribbean, and she’s been a regular guest speaker on an English speaking radio show in Basel.

Design Award 


Trained at KLC School of Design in London and with nearly 10 years experience in the field of design as well as an impressive background in the international luxury hospitality industry, Simone works with successful professionals with demanding careers, who share her passion for discerning taste, design, travel, and other cultures.  

After 25 moves (and counting), designing a space from scratch is in Simone’s DNA. In her words, “Having lived in 7 countries and on 3 continents and having visited some of the most extraordinary hotels across the globe, I really understand the importance of the home, especially when you are living in a foreign country.” Her Swiss upbringing, international experience and fluency in 6 languages enable her to easily communicate and collaborate with suppliers and trade all over Switzerland and across the globe.

Design Style 

Simone is familiar with a wide range of decorating styles. She refers to her style as Contemporary with a Touch of Nostalgia. While maintaining an overall contemporary, timeless, and sophisticated look, she likes to add an element of surprise or a pop of colour. 

Simone’s global inspirations are evident in her work and she loves working with exquisite fabrics and materials. She strongly believes that interior design is all about striking a balance between harmony and contrast. 

Most importantly, however, Simone understands how to blend the needs of her clients with her global sense of aesthetics and strives to incorporate her client’s treasures and meaningful memorabilia into her design concepts. 






Are you ready to transform your home?
“It’s the details that create the wow!”

Approach to Interior Design

Thanks to her extensive travels and regular visits to international trade fairs, such as Milan Design Week, Decorex and Maison&Objets, Simone works with a global network of suppliers, manufacturers, and artisans. She has access to some of the most unique finds from across the globe at her fingertips, allowing her to curate one-of-a-kind pieces for her clients.

With a great eye for detail, Simone is involved in every aspect of the design process in her Full-Service Interior Design projects, but she also offers standalone Interior Design Consultations and Designer for a Day packages for those most pressing design challenges.

Global Inspirations Design proudly embraces ethnic and cultural diversity, as well as inclusion, equality, honesty, integrity, authenticity and compassion and is committed to supporting ethical and sustainable sourcing. In doing so, Simone collaborates with a highly-skilled and trustworthy team of contractors, suppliers, and other businesses that share her same values and are able to ensure the best possible outcome for her clients.



Design for Diversity

Design For Diversity Pledge

What Clients Say

Her clients, who are successful professionals, such as CEO’s, business owners, doctors, and surgeons use words like meticulous, solution-focused, proactive, and resourceful to describe her.

Simone’s clients mostly appreciate her turnkey solutions, where she takes her client’s projects from a dream to reality, all whilst saving them tremendous amounts of time and headaches and resulting in feedback such as: “The living and dining room went from being our biggest headache to being our favourite places! Thank you, Simone for your talented eye for style and for sharing your wealth of local and international resources to source all of our needs from furniture to curtains. Our home is far more functional and beautiful because of your help.”

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Are you ready to transform your space?

“Simone has a friendly, outgoing attitude that she easily maintains while remaining solution focused. She has great communication, listening, and organisational skills, which kept us on time and on budget. To summarise, Simone was able to translate my personality into a beautiful and functional living space and I’m in love with the blue wall and the New York skyline. I can’t stop looking at it

Dr. P. Rege, Basel, Switzerland

“Simone was able to translate my personality into a beautiful and functional living space and I’m in love with the blue wall and the New York skyline. I can’t stop looking at it.”
Dr. P. Rege, Switzerland

“We feel extremely comfortable in our living room now and enjoy spending time here, which wasn’t the case before. My expectations have been exceeded. I never thought it possible to create something like this in our living room.”

D. & S. Bucheli, Switzerland

“Simone is tireless, she leaves no rock unturned, she has connections all over the world and she is extremely creative in her ideas and in our home brought in a number of very personalized touches that are quite meaningful for us.”
Fam. Pressner, Switzerland

“Simone is an excellent Interior Designer who is very meticulous, creative and produces a superior product. She invested a lot of time into providing good customer service and communicating with me to ensure I received best results.”
D. Mactavious, British Virgin Islands

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