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Full Service Interior Design

Life’s short, so do what you love and outsource the rest

Full Service Interior Design is the design process made easy for you. This service is based on a flat fee and a furniture investment estimate based on the information gathered during the initial consultation and our historical data, giving you complete peace of mind from the moment you embark on your design journey. 

Global Inspirations Design will bring to life bespoke design solutions that suit your personality and lifestyle,  creating a sanctuary that truly reflects who you are. Simone, the founder of Global Inspirations Design, is involved in every aspect of the design process to ensure impeccable customer service.

Full Service Interior Design projects can range from the pre-construction phase, through interior design, to the sourcing and placement of art and accessories, in other words, from design to completion. 

This turnkey service is tailored to your needs and available for entire homes as well as individual rooms. The interior design process is divided into four phases as detailed below. 

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“We’ve been nothing short of blown away by the way Simone took the time to get to know us as a family, what brings us joy, what we like, what we don’t like and really took the time to design a space that would make us happy and at home.”

D. & K. Pressner, Switzerland

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Design Brief

During the Design Brief we officially kick-off your design project. Taking into account everything we’ve discussed during the initial Interior Design consultation, we further explore your visions and dreams and how you would like to feel in your completed space, so that it will truly reflect who you are and support your lifestyle. We’ll also take the necessary measurements and finalise the overall budget and furniture investment estimate.

Design Concept

Based on all the information you’ve shared, the architecture of your property, the dimensions and some research, Simone will prepare the design concept illustrating the look and feel of your space with the help of drawings, concept boards and samples of the proposed materials and finishes. During the Design Presentation you’re invited to provide feedback so we can fine tune the concept before moving to the Design Development phase.


blue and taupe design concept
blue and taupe sample board

Design Development

Once the Design Concept is approved, we head into the Design Development phase. This is where we specify exact dimensions, colours, fabrics, materials and finishes. During this phase we also produce detail drawings and elevations for example for bespoke furniture and custom-built pieces. We source furniture, lighting and soft furnishing and curate art and home accessories. You’ll receive a detailed breakdown of costs in line with the agreed budget for your approval. During this phase we also request quotes and hire contractors and other trade to complete the job.

Design Implementation

The Design Implementation is probably the most exciting part of your project, because it’s when the vision comes alive and your dream turns into a reality. Global Inspirations Design will place (and chase) all orders and organise transport and customs clearance (if applicable). We also project coordinate, oversee building works (in case of renovations) and arrange deliveries and installation. Global Inspirations Design will handle all snagging and trouble shooting before handing over your project, fully completed and styled.

minimalistic interior with blue feature wall

“Simone was able to translate my personality into a beautiful and functional living space and I’m in love with the blue wall and the New York skyline. I can’t stop looking at it.”

Dr. P. Rege, Switzerland

taupe and blue living room design

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