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Once upon a time, I travelled to Morocco to attend the wedding of a dear friend and decided to make an adventure out of it… Whilst traveling through this versatile country I felt truly inspired by the colours, patterns and shapes of Moroccan design.

Morocco travel

Impressions: snapshots by Simone Aïda Baur

My methods of travel were somewhat unconventional and included ‘Chauffeur’ driven cars, buses and camels. Although I did not quite make it to Tombouctou, I travelled from Casablanca to Rabat, a day trip to Fez, across the Atlas mountains, through the Sahara desert and eventually to Marrakech. Needless to say, although I am fluent in French, speaking a few words of Arabic (I was living in Dubai at the time) came in very handy!

The impressions I gathered during that trip were nothing short of phenomenal. The variety of landscapes, architecture, colours, scents and tastes were simply spectacular and the hospitality of the people absolutely delightful. I was lucky enough to spend some time with locals, who showed me the true Morocco away from the touristic hot spots. The three-day wedding celebration alone was a fairytale and not only so, because we got invited to the Prince’s Palace, who threw us a party… (honestly!)

Morocco architecture1

Impressions: snapshots by Simone Aïda Baur

Most importantly though, I fell head over heals with Moroccan design!

There is something magical about it and I particularly fell in love with the Riads and Dars. Ryad is the word for garden in Arabic and it refers to a traditional Moroccan house or palace with an enclosed garden, divided into four sections often surrounding a fountain or swimming pool. Dar literally translates into house or circle and is somewhat smaller with an open-air patio within. Both are archaic buildings, reminding us of a circular nomadic camp.

The thick outer walls and the shade of the trees in the interior garden, not only allow you to escape the heat, but also the hustle and bustle of the city streets.

Typically, Riads are found inside of the Medina (the old town), which is a maze of narrow, serpentine streets, an adventure in itself for someone without any sense of directions like myself! More often than not, the entrance to a Riad is very discreet, a plain door, which is easily overlooked. However, once you enter through that door, it feels as if you have crossed into another world – a world full of magic!

Photos of Riad Dar Les Cigognes

Patio garden at Dar Les Cigognes by Sanssouci Collection

Walking into the courtyard is a feast for the senses – arcades with intricate architectural details, colourful mosaics, the scent of orange blossoms and the soft purling from the water fountain. Moroccan design at its best!

Garden at Riad Kaiss by Sanssouci Collection

Garden at Riad Kaiss by Sanssouci Collection

DLC Room Deluxe Safi

Room at Dar Les Cigognes by Sanssouci Collection

Photos of Riad Kaïss, Marrakech

Room at Riad Kaiss by Sanssouci Collection

Wherever you look in Morocco you see colours and patterns and when it comes to arts & crafts, it seems as if everyone’s some kind of artist in Morocco.

There is such a great variety of talent and a seemingly endless amount of beautiful decorative items, which made me wish I had brought a bigger suitcase! The mandatory visit to the souq (local market) is yet another exhilirating experience for the senses. I thoroughly enjoyed smelling the spices, tasting traditional delicacies, trying on a pair of balgha (moroccan slippers), admiring the lanterns and other decorative items and above all marvelling at and touching the wonderful fabrics!

colours of Morocco

Impressions: snapshots by Simone Aïda Baur

Even though a complete Moroccan scheme may not be suitable in a Western environment, I think that the addition of one piece of furniture, a mirror, a lantern or maybe some cushions covered in beautiful Moroccan fabric, will not only personalise your space, but also add some of that 1001 nights’ magic to it. 

Architectural details: courtesy of Sanssouci Collection

Details of Moroccan design: courtesy of the Sanssouci Collection

To finish my Moroccan tale, I would like to tell you a little anecdote…

As I was walking about the small town of Zagora, the starting point of my 4 days and 3 nights tour through the desert, I stepped into a carpet shop. Like most people, I had heard of the infamous carpet sellers in Morocco, hence I was looking forward to the cultural experience. The moment I walked in I felt as if I had entered the womb of some large creature. All sounds were absorbed by the vast number of carpets on the floor, the walls and stacked up in piles. With a big grin on his face, the shop owner rushed towards me and quickly offered me a cup of the customary Moroccan mint tea.

Although I had no intention of purchasing a rug, after all I was travelling with a bagpack, I decided to go with the flow.

I was led into the ancient world of carpet making, told the family history of this particular carpet maker and served lots and lots of tea. I completely lost track of time and honestly, cannot remember how long I was in that shop. What I do remember though is that only, when I was about to hand over my credit card to purchase 2 large sized rugs, a small voice in my head went off: ‘Hey, what on earth are you doing?’ Mumbling some random excuse, I literally made a run for the door, wondering whether I was on a sugar rush (Moroccan tea is served very sweet) or I simply (nearly) fell prey to one of those infamous carpet sellers in Morocco…

I hope you enjoyed reading about my adventures and the magic of Moroccan design and feel inspired to re-decorate your home, head over to Morocco or both!

1001 regards,

Simone x



P.S. Have you seen Pharell Williams’ Happy (we are from Marrakech) yet?

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