Project Description

Bathroom Refurbishment London

Location: Stratford, London, UK

Type of property: Terraced house

Year: 2011

Client: Private Owner


The 4 m2 bathroom of a terraced house built in 1999 in Eastern London was having some plumbing problems. The owner no longer lives in the house, but is renting it out on a long-term basis. When his tenants informed him of the problem, he initially just wanted to fix the leak. However, this would have involved ripping out the bathtub and part of the floor tiles. Since he also spoke about selling the property, I advised him to update the entire bathroom and give it a fresh look, whilst fixing the plumbing issue.

Client Brief:

The client asked for a nice design, with a spa like ambiance, but did not want to spend too much. The bathroom is very small, but yet needs to accommodate a couple or a small family, provide shower and bathing facilities as well as ample storage.

Design Solution:

The choice of colours and materials was crucial in this project, because of the limited space and because of the client’s requirements in terms of budget and style. I wanted to keep the space light and airy, yet add some accent colour to it. Green reminds us of nature, revokes relaxation and is said to have regenerative properties, which makes it very suitable for a bathroom. The addition of a mid-tone wood enhances that natural feel.