Project Description

Concept for Co-working space and training facilities

Location: Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Property type: Commercial property

Year: 2016 ongoing

Client: Business owner


Both premises are new builds, providing an outer shell with above average ceiling heights and visible structural elements.

Client Brief:

The client, a local business man, is planning on bringing the first co-working space to the British Virgin Islands and build some out of the ordinary conference and training facilities for multiple purposes. He asked for a modern, industrial feel with a bit of fun for the co-working space, wanting to provide a variety of options to future members. The training facilities should keep in line with the style, yet slightly more traditional in order to facilitate for multiple types of functions.

Design Solution:

Commercial interiors not only need to fulfil many functions, but they also need to be designed in such a way that the people using them feel motivated and comfortable, which in return will enhance their productivity. The co-working space offers a variety of seating arrangements to accommodate different type of work, as well as common areas and fully functional meeting rooms. The colour scheme is fun and playful. Industrial lighting and the use of concrete enhance the desired industrial look. White boards and black boards are there for informal meetings and simultaneously serve as partitions and design. A mezzanine lounge area offers a space within the space for co-workers to withdraw to.