Project Description

Villa design British Virgin Islands

Location: Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Property type: New built 3 bedroom villa

Year: Construction 2014, interior design under development

Client: Private Owner


Ida Crest Villa is a 2-storey family home sitting atop the beautiful hills of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands overlooking the ocean. There are 3 bedrooms, 2 ½ bathrooms, an office, kitchen, dining and living room. The property also contains a 2 bedroom rental apartment integrated in the lower ground floor.

Client Brief:

The client asked me for a modern contemporary interior with a wow factor. He wanted something entirely different from the typical Caribbean houses, strongly influenced by traditional American design, which are mostly found on the island. It was especially important to him to have a sleek, modern European style kitchen.

Design Solution:

As always the geographical location, the climate and the natural surroundings play a major role when designing a home. Originally, the client asked for wooden parquet flooring, but we were both concerned about the humidity and therefore compromised on ‘wooden tiles’, which offer a great alternative. When I designed the award winning kitchen, it was important to me to create a space that would not compete with the natural beauty of the island, but rather complement it and therefore gave it an airy and calming feel. On the other hand I added a touch of Caribbean with the whitewashed exposed ceiling beams and a few accent walls in bright colours.