contemporary living room design

Contemporary Living Room Design 

Location: Allschwil (Basel), Switzerland

Property Type: 4 bedroom house

Project Year: 2014

Style: Contemporary design

Artwork (turquoise painting): Aïda de-Steffani (mother of Simone Aïda Baur)

For details on the design process and the selection of colours and materials watch the video Wellbeing through Design.

Client Feedback

We feel extremely comfortable in our living room now and enjoy spending time here, which wasn’t the case before. (wife). My expectations have been exceeded. I never thought it possible to create something like this in our living room. You really did a superb job! Thank you!” (husband)  

D. & S. Bucheli, Basel, Switzerland


modern wall elements
“Interior Design is about balancing contrast and harmony.”
buddha and plants
turquoise accent wall
beige sofa and turquoise art
living room with turquoise accent wall
modern wall elements
buddha reflecting in mirror
Interior Designer sitting in egg chair
cognac egg chair