Dining room with blue accent wall

Minimalist Interior Design of Modern Flat


Location: Magnolienpark, Basel, Switzerland

Property Type: 1-bedroom flat

Project Year: Interior Design 2018

Client: Private owner

Style: Minimalist Urban Chic

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Client Feedback 

“Simone has a friendly, outgoing attitude that she easily maintains while remaining solution-focused. She has great communication, listening, and organizational skills, which kept us on time and on budget. To summarise in one sentence, Simone was able to translate my personality into a beautiful and functional living space and I’m in love with the blue wall and the New York skyline. I can’t stop looking at it.”

Dr P. Rege, Switzerland


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Taupe and green bedroom interiors
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modern white kitchen design
Interior designer at work
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organic chair
contemporary recliner
minimalistic bedroom design
Minimalistic taupe bed
fabric details
frosted blue candle holders
mirror and picture of lion
ambiance light on armchair