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Second Hand Designer Furniture for Sale by Global Inspirations Design

Repurposing or selling designer furniture

Second hand designer furniture is a great way to create stylish interiors without breaking the bank. Designer furniture, in particular design classics, tend to be timeless in terms of their design and they live longer thanks to their quality. So by selling or buying second hand designer furniture you’re making a positive impact on the environment. It really is an all around win.

As an interior designer I feel a responsibility to source ethically and sustainably. For this reason, I always try to integrate my client’s pre-loved furniture and decor into the new design. Sometimes all it needs is some fresh paint or a new fabric cover. Clients are often surprised what an impact re-upholstering an old and worn out piece of furniture can have.

However, there are times when you just need a fresh start. Whatever the reason may be, divorce, a (international) move, empty nest syndrome or maybe you’ve simply grown tired of your home environment after a few years. And that’s ok.

On other occasions the existing furniture, even the most stylish designer furniture, simply does not fit the new concept or lifestyle.

Selling second hand designer furniture

While some old furniture may be ready to be disposed of, some can find a new home through a charity (e.g. Brockenstube in Switzerland), yet some second hand furniture, especially designer and vintage furniture, can be sold via one of the many second hand designer furniture platforms or Social Media.

Donating or selling your pre-loved furniture is a great way to reduce waste. At the same time it may bring joy to someone else who’s been looking for just that piece to complete their home.

Over the years Global Inspirations Design has assisted clients re-purpose their beloved pieces of furniture and decor and also get rid off and sell their furniture through charity, Social Media and second hand designer furniture platforms and shops.

Global Inspirations Design’s second hand designer furniture for sale

Having moved 25 times and counting (often internationally), I’ve also sold (and sometimes bought) countless pieces of second hand (designer) furniture,  lighting and home decor. In addition, as an interior designer I do love to switch things up in my own home occasionally. I guess it comes with the territory when working in the world of interior design. However, I’ve always been very conscious about finding a new loving home for my furniture, light fixtures and decor and giving them a second life.

With this in mind, I’ve decided to create this blog post about second hand designer furniture. I’ll continuously update it with pre-loved designer furniture for sale, so make sure to check back every now and then. You might just find what you’ve been looking for at a much lower price 😉

Below you’ll find a list and description of our second hand designer furniture currently for sale. Should you be interested in any of the pieces, please do get in touch.

Second hand Vitra Suita Sofa black leather

Vitra Suita Sofa

The Suita sofa is part of the Suita family designed by the renowned Italian designer Antonio Citterio and offers various components. The Suita sofa can be used independently or in combination with other Suita elements, such as the Suita Chaise Longue (see below) to adapt to different home environments. The aesthetic is sleek and light occupying very little visual space. The design has an industrial touch and is reminiscent of American mid-century design. The Suita sofa family encompasses a wide range of components. The timeless design suits any interior and the high quality materials ensure the longevity of the piece.

Manufacturer: Vitra
Designer: Antonio Citterio
Material: Premium leather and polished chrome
Colour: Black
Dimensions: 1880 x 880 x 885 mm
Condition: very good condition
Discount compared to original price: 45%
Price: CHF 5080.00

Second hand designer furniture Vitra Suita Chaise Longue

Vitra Suita Chaise Longue Classic (Recamière)

The Suita Chaise Longue Classic is a timeless piece of furniture. It works well in combination with the Suita Sofa (see above) or as a standalone in a large living room to create a different zone, a bedroom or in a home office. While it offers great comfort, it’s not intended for overnight guests, but instead it’s the ideal lounger for an afternoon nap.

Manufacturer: Vitra
Designer: Antonio Citterio
Material: Premium leather and polished chrome
Colour: Black
Dimensions: 1700 x 855 x 885 mm
Condition: very good condition, rarely used
Discount compared to original price: 45%
Price: CHF 4730.00

Second hand designer furniture for sale Vitra Monopod chair

Vitra Monopod Chair

The Vitra Monopod Chair was designed by Jasper Morrison. Despite its small dimensions it is very comfortable and can be used as a reading chair or visitor chair. My personal recommendation would be to use it in an entry hall or foyer, as it’s quite the eye-catcher and ideal to put on your shoes or wait for a loved one to get ready…  Due to its dimension it takes up minimal space and the clean design fits any interior.

Manufacturer: Vitra
Designer: Jasper Morrison
Material: Premium leather
Colour: Black
Dimensions: Width: 380mm/ 480mm, Height: 756mm, Depth: 410mm, Seat height: 365mm
Condition: as new
Discount compared to original price: 30%
Price: CHF 1690.00

Second hand Vitra Softshell chair

Vitra Softshell

The Vitra Softshell swivel chair offers comfortable padding and a slight bounce. The Softshell makes makes a great home office chair, especially when you’re looking to create a small home office within your living room or any other room. It doesn’t scream ‘office’, yet offers the comfort you need when working from home on occasion. The timeless design and finishes fit with any decor.

Manufacturer: Vitra
Designer: Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, 2008
Material: Premium leather and polished chrome
Colour: Sand (taupe)
Dimensions: 600 x 580 x 840 mm
Condition: excellent, rarely used
Discount compared to original price: 40%
Price: CHF 1370.00

Neweba Orbit SL designer floor lamp

Neweba Orbit SL Floor Lamp

This unique sculptural floor lamp makes quite a statement. Although the frame and base are rather sleek, the lamp is very sturdy. This lamp is a great to add some interest to a somewhat plain interior.

Manufacturer: Neweba
Designer: Alexandre Gaillard (Switzerland)
Material: Powder coated aluminium
Colour: White
Dimensions: Height 1800mm, Depth 950mm, Diameter of lampshade ‘Orbit’: 540mm
Condition: very good
Discount compared to original price: 30%
Price: CHF 825.00

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