The 7 Best Hotels in Switzerland

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Switzerland offers an impressive selection of hotels in a variety of designs and styles. With my background in the international luxury hotel industry and my passion for interior design, I’ve selected 7 hotels that I consider the best hotels in Switzerland.

The 7 Best Hotels in Switzerland is a list that includes some of the most amazing accommodations in the world. Having worked for luxury hotel brands such as Hyatt and Rosewood Hotels & Resorts in places like Dubai, London and the Caribbean, I can confidently say that I know luxury hotel brands from the inside out. This has given me the opportunity to experience luxury hospitality and luxury hospitality interior design as an insider as well as a guest.

When I first returned to Switzerland a few years ago, I was rather disappointed by the offer in terms of hotel design. Many hotels looked tired and somehow stuck in the 80’s and beyond. However, in recent years, I’ve seen a massive shift. Luxury boutique hotels and design hotels have popped up all over Switzerland and many of the classic hotels have been restored to their former glory. This has created a healthy mix of hotels ranging from alpine chic and classic design to urban chic and eclectic design.

I might be biased, but I truly believe that a beautiful hotel is half the holiday. With this said, I’m thrilled to share a selection of some of the best hotels in Switzerland that I’ve personally had the pleasure to experience. They’re all quite different, but they share what I consider the three main criteria of a great hotel: Location, Design and Experience.

The Best Mountain Retreats, Hotels & Alpine Resorts in Switzerland

Most people probably associate mountain retreats with rustic interior design. Whilst, I personally love authenticity, I also love hotels that dare to be different and/ or tell a story. Below is a selection of luxury and boutique hotels in the Swiss Alps featuring many different interior design styles, so you can pick your favourite.

rustic hot pot with great views of the Swiss Alps at one of the best alpine chic hotels in Switzerland

Maiensässhotel Guarda Val in Sporz (Lenzerheide)

This charming small hotel is as authentic as they come and it’s truly cast a spell on me. As you arrive at the hotel, it’s almost as if you’re entering another time and place. Easy to reach, yet a world away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The Guarda Val is an entire village that has been converted into a boutique resort. Here you will experience the luxury of simplicity. The interior design is rustic contemporary with a touch of sophistication. Read more about the resort and its many features including the very unique spa and a Michelin starred restaurant in Maiensässhotel Guarda Val: Pampered with Authenticity.

Therme Vals, award winning architecture and one of the best hotel spas in Switzerland

7132 Therme Vals

Speaking of location, this hotel is probably as remote as it gets. You surely wouldn’t expect a world class hotel, let alone an architectural masterpiece featuring luxury interior design in this small mountain village. The awe inspiring and award winning thermal baths are made of 60’000 slabs of Vals quartzite. The baths which were designed by Peter Zumthor were granted protected heritage status and as such make the 7132 Therme Vals not only one of the best hotel spas in Switzerland, but also bucket list material. The hotel rooms are spread across several buildings and were designed by star architects such as Tadao Ando and Kengo Kuma. Read more about the unique architecture and features of this astonishing Swiss mountain retreat in Therme Vals: An Experience for the Senses.

Luxury bedroom interior design at the Chedi Andermatt, one of the best hotels in Switzerland

The Chedi Andermatt

The Chedi Andermatt is an Asian inspired resort & spa and not your typical Swiss mountain resort. I’d even go as far as calling it a destination resort. The resort has everything a discerning traveler’s heart desires – from luxury interior design and one of the best hotel spas in Switzerland to in-house sports concierge services and world-class cuisine. The Zen interior design combines Balinese interior design with local materials. The village of Andermatt is surrounded by archaic mountain peaks and although I wouldn’t describe it as the most authentic mountain village, it sure has a very interesting history as well as plenty of outdoor activities on offer. Read more about this one of a kind resort in The Chedi Andermatt: 360 Degrees of Indulgence.

Eclectic chic interior design at the Huus Gstaad in the charming small village of Saanen

Huus Gstaad in Gstaad

The world class mountain resort Gstaad is known for all things luxury. The Huus Gstaad is located just outside the charming village of Saanen and yet another example of unique hotel design. When deciding on the design of the hotel, the owners wanted anything but another alpine chic hotel. The eclectic chic interiors make the Huus a fun place to discover, when you’re not out exploring the stunning mountain scenery. Although the pool area is not quite at par with the rest of the hotel, I still believe that the Huus deserves to be in my list of favourites. Read more about the Huus Gstaad: Multicultural Melting Pot in the Swiss Alps to find out why.

Alpine chic bar and lounge at Capra Saas-Fee, one of the best mountain retreats in Switzerland

Capra Saas-Fee in Saas Fee

The interiors at the Capra Saas-Fee are best described as alpine chic. In fact, I was torn whether to add the Capra Saas Fee or the Hotel de Rougemont to my list of the 7 best hotels in Switzerland, because they’re quite similar in style. Both feature contemporary interior design, but thanks to the materials used they maintain an authentic rustic feel. I chose the Capra Saas-Fee, because I truly felt that Sense of Home I so often talk about the moment I entered the hotel. Read more about why I consider this one of the best hotels in Switzerland in my article At Home at the Capra Saas-Fee, but also check out the Hotel de Rougemont & Spa: Switzerland’s Best kept Secret, because I really loved the hotel and Rougemont is one of the most enchanting mountain villages I’ve seen in Switzerland.

The Best City Hotels in Switzerland

In my opinion, city hotels should be either historic, hip and trendy or modern functional business hotels. Although I’ve visited a couple of hip hotels in Zurich and Basel, I ended up choosing two hotels featuring classic hotel design, because of their rich history, ultra elaborate luxury interiors and attention to detail.

Luxury interior design at Beau-Rivage Geneva Duplex Suite with some of the best views in Switzerland

Beau-Rivage Genève on Lake Geneva

When it comes to magical experiences, spending a couple of nights at this marvelous hotel, surely falls into that category. Considered one of the best hotels in Geneva, the Beau-Rivage Geneva offers luxury interior design at its finest. From the moment I drove up to the hotel, I felt like royalty. Although the hotel has welcomed more celebrities and world leaders than you can shake a stick at, the ambiance is relaxed and down to earth. The glamorous, yet intimate hotel lobby sets the tone for the rest of the hotel. The classic design runs throughout the entire hotel with no details spared. The carefully designed suites are reminiscent of eras long gone. In fact, as I wandered through the hotel in search of the 160 cherubs, I couldn’t help but wonder: ‘What if the walls could talk…’ For that matter, the hotel has seen its fair share of romance and tragedy. To read more about its fascinating history (and gossip), hop over to Beau-Rivage Genève: A Princess’ Tale.

Luxury interior design at its finest at hotel Les Trois Rois Basel

Grand Hotel Le Trois Rois in Basel

The Hotel Les Trois Rois in Basel lives up to its slogan ‘Rich in history, young at heart‘. During my stay and some research in preparation of my article about the hotel Les Trois Rois, I came to realise just how much the history of Les Trois Rois is intertwined with the history of my home town Basel itself. With its prominent location on the Rhine River, Les Trois is a must visit (even if it’s just for coffee) when visiting Basel – a city known for its many cultural events, museums and world class art and watch fairs. Les Trois Rois, amongst the best hotels in Switzerland and surely one of the best hotels in Basel, is yet another fine example of a lovingly restored historic hotel that has been the scene for many a drama over the years. You can read more about the design, history and some anecdotes in Les Trois Rois Basel: Steeped in History.

In conclusion, I think it’s fair to say, that regardless whether you’re looking for a cultural weekend break, a relaxing spa holiday or a romantic getaway in the mountains, Switzerland has got you covered. As for me, I can’t wait to explore many more fabulous and unique hotels in Switzerland, Europe and across the globe and share my insights with you.

Happy stylish discoveries!

Simone xx


Guarda Val (Maiensässhotel Guarda Val)
7132 Therme Vals
The Chedi Andermatt
Huus Gstaad in Gstaad
Capra Saas-Fee in Saas Fee
Beau-Rivage Genève on Lake Geneva
Grand Hotel Le Trois Rois in Basel

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