7 benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer

Hiring an Interior Designer

Interior Design and renovation projects are very time consuming and can quickly result in decision fatigue. As with most things in life, it is crucial to have a clear vision in order to achieve the best possible outcome. This is where an interior designer comes in.

So if you are thinking of hiring an interior designer, then read on. In this article I provide you with an overview as to what a professional in the field of interior design brings to the table.

Interior Designers juggle multiple tasks at the same time during all phases of the interior design process. There are lots of details that need to be considered when designing a space or renovation a home. Details that on one hand could easily fall through the cracks and on the other hand make all the difference in the end. As I like to say “It’s the details that create the WOW!”

10 Reasons for Hiring an Interior Designer

1) You are unsure which style is most suited for you, your family and your home.

2) You find it difficult to choose and combine colours.

3) You can’t seem to find the time to tackle your project.

4) You don’t have time to surf the web for hours on end or visit dozens of furniture stores, instead rather pursue the things you love.

5) You don’t know where to start with your project, feel overwhelmed with choices and end up doing nothing.

6) You have made bad choices and the wrong purchases in the past.

7) You don’t like the look and feel of your home.

8) You admire other people’s homes and wish yours could look like that.

9) You are unsure how to arrange your furniture and how to maximize your space.

10) You and your partner don’t agree on the design of your home.

An interior designer can help you see the big picture in terms of style, colours and layout and help you make the right decisions with regards to sourcing and purchasing of furniture, lighting fixtures and other design elements.

blue feature wall and photography

This beautiful deep royal blue wall paint really brings the large scale photograph of the New York city skyline to life.

Interior Design Consultations

Sometimes you may just need some guidance along the way. In this case an Interior Design Consultation can be very helpful. It will provide you with a roadmap, so that you feel more confident in your decisions. Here you can learn more about what an Interior Design Consultation entails.

hire an interior designer in zurich

Interior Design concept for a living room in Zurich

Full-Service Interior Design

If you are looking for a turnkey solution and for someone to handle your project from design to completion, then you will want to consider Full-Service Interior Design. Although every interior designer works slightly differently, it is fair to say that the design process will be somewhat similar regardless whom you are working with. Here you can find out more about my design process aka design journey.

interior design help

7 Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer According to Past Clients

1) Avoiding costly mistakes by making the right decisions early on in the design process

“The advice Simone provided saved a lot of hassle and costs down the line because we were able to make the right interior design decisions on time.”

2) Discovering hidden potential and enhancing your space with a few simple tweaks

“Simone conveyed new ideas using simple tricks. We were fascinated by her “hands-on” approach and how tweaking small pieces of furniture and deco items would already enhance the look of our apartment.”

3) Saving time and feeling at home more quickly in your new place

“We are so grateful for Simone’s wonderful expertise and style – she helped us feel so comfortable in our home quicker than we ever would have on our own.”

4) Feeling comfortable in your space at last and achieving an outcome you didn’t even think possible

“We feel extremely comfortable in our living room now and enjoy spending time here, which wasn’t the case before. My expectations have been exceeded. I never thought it possible to create something like this in our living room.”

5) Making the right decisions before you move all your belongings

“Simone helped us to consider ideas we never would have come up with on our own. We are so grateful to have had that guidance before moving all of our belongings into the wrong location!”

6) Feeling happy in your home because it truly reflects who you are

“Simone was able to translate my personality into a beautiful and functional living space and I’m in love with the blue wall and the New York skyline. I can’t stop looking at it.”

7) Experiencing joy in every day living

“We are now in a place, where when we sit in these rooms in our home, every single item that we’re surrounded with sparks joy and we are very grateful for the way Simone brought that joy into our home and our daily living.”

I’m not only passionate about interior design, but also about making a difference in someone’s life. Considering how much time on average we spend at home, I really believe that ‘our home is our castle’.

Do you have a home design project you would like to discuss? Then please book a complimentary Discovery Call, I’d love to hear more about your project!

Yours sincerely,

Simone xx

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