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Interior Design Workshop

How to Develop a Design Concept with a Mood Board

So, you are looking for an Interior Design Workshop! I’m thrilled you found this page, because it means you are ready to get creative!

Maybe your goal is to tackle your own interior design project with more confidence and a clear vision with regards to style, colour and materials that best suit you and your home. You’re probably a Pro at Pinterest with countless ideas running through your head, but you just can’t seem to decide.

Decision fatigue is real. There are just so many beautiful options! How can anyone possibly decide? This is why you need a plan, or as we interior designers call it, a design concept. This interior design workshop will provide you with the tools you need, so that you can finally and confidently tackle your project.



interior design workshop participant

“There is so much more to interior design than I realised and I’ve learnt a vast amount during the interior design workshop. Simone offers a fountain of real world knowledge and advice. The modules were exciting, easy to follow and covered everything you need to know to start working on a design concept.” 

Agnes Lonska, Civil Engineer, Basel

Alternatively, you might be considering a career change and are thinking of pursuing your passion for interior design. You are fascinated with home decorating and feel a strong desire to learn more about the profession of interior design. At the same time, you probably also have some doubts as to whether interior design really is worth pursuing professionally. There’s a lot to consider and you want to be sure you are making the right decision. I get it. Interior Design is also my second career. 10 years ago I was exactly where you are now.

Either way, you are keen to immerse yourself into the world of interior design and get a glimpse behind the scenes of how an interior designer works.


This is why you entered Interior Design Workshop into Mr. Google, isn’t it? 

Well, I have a confession to make. I’ve decided to focus on other Interior Design Services and therefore no longer run any live workshops. Instead, I am turning the workshop into a Video Interior Design Workshop (e-workshop).

This way I can still share my passion and insights with you, regardless of date, time and geography!



“For me, this was just right – just what I needed to get started on my bathroom project.”

Adrianne Kelly, Basel


Interior Design Workshop Content   

Introduction to Interior Design

  • Decorating Styles
  • Colour Theory
  • Colour Psychology
  • Use of Colour & Colour Psychology
  • Colour Schemes
  • Materials, Texture & Finishes
  • Forms, Shapes & Proportions
  • Lighting
  • Lifestyle & Activities
  • Impact on our Senses & Health 


  • Tools & Materials
  • What is a Mood Board?
  • Finding Inspiration
  • How to approach a Mood Board
  • 5 Step Process
  • Finding Your Own Style
scissors and glue
colour wheel

What is included in the Video Interior Design Workshop

  • Video: I will take you through the modules, share my experience of nearly a decade in the interior design industry and provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to create your own mood board.
  • Handout: Downloadable PDF helping you follow along when watching the video..
  • Worksheet: This will help you as a guide to create your own mood board

Language: English
Duration: 2 h of theory plus 2 – 4 h to create your own mood board (at your own pace)

Investment: CHF 49 (Introductory Offer) then CHF 139 (compared to CHF 397 for the live workshop)

The first 5 people who sign up will get the e-workshop for CHF 49 PLUS a 20 min ‘one-on-one’ video call with me to ask to answer any question you may have. 

Still not sure? Then I invite you to watch this video or read more about the workshop in my blog.


“The interior design workshop was well prepared, fun and hands-on. We learned about basic styling with colour and the mood board is a great tool to design a concept for any room.”

Juliette Fong, Webdesigner, Basel


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