Design concept and sourcing for new-built semi-detached house in Tortola, British Virgin Islands:

“Simone is an excellent Interior Designer who is very meticulous, creative and produces a superior product. Despite the fact that I paid a flat rate, she invested a lot of time into providing good customer service and communicating with me to ensure that I received best results. I highly recommend Simone!” Mr. Decoy Mactavious, HR Manager, Tortola, BVI

Living room refurbishment, Basel, Switzerland (watch the video):

“We feel extremely comfortable in our living room now and enjoy spending time here, which wasn’t the case before.” (wife) “My expectations have been exceeded. I never thought it possible to create something like this in our living room. You really did a superb job! Thank you!” (husband) Mr. and Mrs. Bucheli, Basel, Switzerland

Bathroom refurbishment in Stratford, London, UK:

“Simone is a first class designer who not only originates new and inventive designs but also thinks on her feet and adapts ideas in the face of emerging, unexpected situations. Simone works well as a team leader and coordinator, conveying her ideas among the team she is working with. For a client, she is a godsend!” Mr. A. Shillingford, Financial Controller, Basel, Switzerland

Refurbishment (bathroom, cloakroom and kitchen) in Sloane Square, London, UK:

“Simone was of great help during my recent refurbishment of my flat in Sloane Square, London. She helped me with general and conceptual design ideas as well as with the selection of materials, colours and layout of the bathroom, cloakroom and kitchen. Her expertise and her eye for details were very much appreciated during this rather stressful process and I was very happy to be able to call on her, whenever I needed assistance and guidance. After the refurbishment of my flat she has also helped me giving ideas for furniture. My apartment has limited space and having Simone’s advice as to how to maximize it and make it look bright has been invaluable to me.” Ms. Sofia Parra, Lawyer, Sloane Square, London

Concept work for the living and dining area, conservatory and entryway of a new built apartment, Basel, Switzerland:

“We were very happy with what Simone had to offer us in terms of innovative ideas and use of materials/textures and utilization of space for our living/dining room, conservatory and entryway space. She was a great asset in helping us choose the right location and type of lighting, color scheme and wall treatments. The advice she provided saved a lot of hassle and costs down the line because we were able to make the right interior design decisions on time.

We appreciated her flexibility in terms of meeting scheduling and channels of communication which is very important for people with busy schedules. She has an eye for detail and a good sense of what “fits together” and makes a home a comfortable yet modern place to live and entertain guests.”   Mr. & Mrs. Avdjiev,  Economist & Auditor, Basel



“We absolutely enjoyed the day out shopping with Simone – it was well worth working with her in every regard. She is definitely an expert in her field with a boundless amount of energy and enthusiasm shown throughout the day. We really felt that she had our best interests at heart and we truly appreciate everything she has done for us.’ J. & M. Bensch, Reinach (Basel)

“I met with Simone soon after moving into our new house. It was a very blank slate with (potentially) many large and medium projects. Simone came to our house and was able to, in a few hours, provide some very good direction and ways to clarify and prioritise the work and items we wanted to complete. She looked at our current belongings, helped me to identify some potential styles to lean towards, and had a great practicality about what could be done to help with the house. What I appreciated most was her knowledge of structural building (including when we would need outside professionals), her flexibility in helping us identify priority areas and her friendliness and professionalism. I left feeling like it was money well spent and would certainly engage her in any future design work. She is clearly knowledgeable, capable and has an excellent global view of furnishings and styles and the flexibility to adapt to spaces and client needs.” L. Underwood, International Consultant, Dietikon (Zurich)

“I used Simone’s expertise for an interior design coaching session at my place. I warmly recommend her valuable advice for solving a specific problem or improving your whole environment. She quickly analysed the situation, made relevant suggestions and delivered more than expected. Thank you Simone!” A. Hamberg, Communications Manager, Basel

“The coaching was very inspiring and has motivated us to finally tackle our redecoration project! Simone conveyed new ideas using simple tricks. We were fascinated by her “Hands-on” approach and how tweaking small pieces of furniture and deco items would already enhance the look of our apartment. We are really looking forward to the upcoming changes of each room. Simone’s coaching was outstanding and we warmly recommend it to anyone!” Dr. A. und Dr. M. Hirschmann, Therwil (BL)



“I have struggled at the start of my project to put all the ideas on paper and specify what I pictured. But with Simone’s guidance I managed to narrow down my path to what should become my concept. I would highly recommend Simone`s course to others if you want to gain a sound understanding of design principles and to enhance your own ideas. There is so much more to interior design than I realised and I’ve learnt a vast amount during the course. Simone offers a fountain of real world knowledge and advice. She provided me with excellent guidance throughout the course and promptly answered my questions. The modules were exciting, easy to follow and covered everything you need to know to start working on a design concept.” Agnes Lonska, Civil Engineer

“Simone’s workshop offers a good mix between theory and practice. I appreciated Simone’s expertise, professionalism and her attention to each participant’s expectations. It was a great afternoon which I warmly recommend to anyone.” Anne Hamberg, Marketing professional, Basel

“I had a lot of fun working at the workshop and highly recommend it.” Eleanor Baldwin, Student, Basel

“I had a really fascinating time and it helped your creative side be explored. Thank you.” Sally Garfield, Basel

“For me, this was just right – just what I needed to get started on my bathroom refurbishment project.” Adrienne Kelly, Basel